What if online poker was called to join the great eSport family? Whether you are an amateur, pro or just an observer in one of these two fields, you have inevitably heard of the other. Recently, poker appeared on Twitch, the video game streaming site. Real affinities exist, illustrated by the backgrounds of certain players and by the ever-stronger links between these two worlds.

At a time when some poker tournaments offer qualifications on Hearthstone or League of Legends,  let’s try to understand what brings us together.

When video game pros switch to poker

Symbol of the rapprochement between two worlds that everything seemed to separate, international big names in dominoqq  eSport have decided to embark on a career of poker.

  • Boxing is arguably one of the most well-known video game players of all time. A living legend in South Korea, a country where eSportsmen are as famous as footballers in France, he has no less than 600,000 active members in his fan club and no longer goes out without his bodyguards.
  • A dramatic turn in December 2013: he announced the end of his e-Sport career to devote himself to poker. Since then, not really news: the one who had beaten World Cyber ​​Games is far from having had the same success on the tables.
  • But the announcement of this conversion, which caused a lot of noise, has largely contributed to increasing the interest of part of the eSports public in poker.

From StarCraft to Multi-Tables, always more skills

The Skill? In poker as in a video game, this is what defines the quality of a player : the more skill you have, the less your victory depends on chance and luck. In high-level tournaments and competitions, the ambition to reduce as much as possible the part of chance is perhaps what brings these two universes the closest. To achieve this, esports players and poker pros are increasingly developing similar abilities.

Multitasking and micro-management

This is a major common point between esports players and online poker pros: both condition their brains to multitask while practicing micromanagement. The multitasking is the ability to perform several tasks simultaneously.

This term comes from computers, but also applies to humans: both e-sports and poker players must be able to make more and more decisions in a shorter period of time. In poker, the practice of multi-tabling is the most telling example.

Micro-management refers to all the operations that the player must perform on each element or unit of the game. For example, a StarCraft player will need to be successful at managing each unit individually rather than doing group actions for better results. This is obviously much more difficult than applying the same action plan for all the units. Micro-management therefore requires a certain mental gymnastics in order to monitor and manage many different parameters.