The world’s first digitally-transformable sofa

The international design and innovation studio Carlo Ratti Associati presents Lift-Bit, the world’s first digitally-transformable sofa. The project, realized with the support of Vitra, consists in a modular, reconfigurable upholstered seat which employs the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies to radically define a new living experience. The prototype of Lift-Bit stems from the combination of a series of single, hexagonal stools. Each of them is motorized using a linear actuator which allows every element to be raised or lowered.

Controlled remotely through a tablet app, each stool can double (or halve) its height in just a few seconds, reconfiguring the space in a myriad of combinations. Paying homage to Cedric Price 1978’s “Generator Project”, Lift-Bit’s responsive modules can seamlessly transform into a sofa, a bed, an ordered living room, a small auditorium, or a domestic landscape, according to the user’s needs and wishes.


Lift-Bit is a project by Carlo Ratti Associati, developed with the support of Vitra for the “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare” (“Rooms. Novel living concepts”) exhibition organized by Salone del Mobile.Milano within the framework of the XXI Triennale (Milan, 2 April – 12 September 2016). Engineering and interaction design by Opendot.


The team at Carlo Ratti Associati includes Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Andrea Cassi (project leader), Ina Sefgjini, Damiano Gui, Antonio Atripaldi, Emanuele Protti, Gary Di Silvio, Daniele Belleri.
The team at OpenDot includes Alessandro Masserdotti, Fabrizio Pignoloni, Vittorio Cuculo.