29 Nov 2021


Product prices are just the price with which a particular freight is delivered one point till another. Conventionally this is where the simplicity finishes, as the estimations involved in producing these costs can depend upon the setting of transportation, such as air freight, road freight,…


The Other Kind of Tax: For the Companies 

Families, also governed by optimizing behavior, aim to maximize utility, given their budget constraints. This maximization is restricted to the consumer’s disposable income, which is constituted by the value of sales of the services of the factors plus governmental and external transfers, less taxes. The…


Where and what to Shop in Lombok Island 

Lombok’s shopping defies the mass-produced stream of merchandise. Many people have started to connect with modern consumer culture. Pottery, basket weaving, and fabrics are the three main crafts generated in Lombok. This really is a place where people should take advantage of locally handmade, higher…