Gone are the days when winters and style didn’t go hand in hand. With the arrival of fur vests from the hands of reputable designers, you do not have to worry anymore about looking your best during the winter season while still staying warm. And the one fabric that’ll not just keep you warm but also trendy is fur. 

Real fur, that’s known for its warmth and softness, when fabricated into vests offers various stylish options. And this guide will take you through 4 such stellar Wolfie Fur vests that you must try this season. 

  1. AMELIA Lamb Vest with Fox Collar

Available in the trendy grey color, this stunning vest made of Swakara Lamb fur is a super warm winter wear that has the following features. 

  • Its collar is made of pure fox hair. 
  • It has large side pockets that’ll keep you comfortable and warm. 
  • It is provided with a front zipper for easy closure. 

This pure fur vest can be purchased at just 695$ on sale. 

  1. ADDISON Two Tone Fur Vest

This stunning vest in brown color is made of real Rex Rabbit fur. Hence, it’s super warm and silky soft to touch. Some other features that make this furry delight a worthy winter addition are as follows. 

  • It features leather trims. 
  • It has large side pockets.
  • It’s easy to close this one since it’s provided with a front zipper for closure. 

This real fur vest can be purchased at just 750$ on sale. 

  1. MIAR Pure Fur Hooded Vest

One of the best winter additions, this stunner of a vest is made of pure Rex rabbit fur. A few other distinctive features that belong to this product are as follows. 

  • It’s a reversible garment. 
  • The hood it features is also made of real rex rabbit fur. 
  • It has a zipper front closure for comfort. 

You can buy this vest at just 995$ on sale.

  1. KENJA Hooded Fur Vest

This is one of the highest quality fur vests made with 100% pure sheared beaver fur. A few stunning features that you should know about this vest before buying it are as follows. 

  • It’s available in trendy blue and classy vanilla hues. 
  • It has an attached parka hood that looks even classier with the inclusion of dyed pure Finnish fox fur. 

You can buy this furry vest at just 1095$ on sale. 

These are some of the top picks that’ll make you a happy owner of high-quality fur apparels. However, remember these garments can be dry cleaned only.