You can make a wonderful living as a salesperson in today’s job market because almost every company needs a sales representative. Pick what you know about or something that you are interested in and look for companies that sell that product or service. Once you get your foot in the door, here are some tips to become a great salesperson for the company of your dreams.

1. Lay Your Foundation

Begin this adventure by being frugal with your resources and generous with your attention. Lay the foundation of what your sales career will look like by making sound financial decisions that support your work. Compare auto loan rates and cars with great gas mileage so that you are paying as little as possible for your vehicle that will be your mobile office. Talk to successful people in your field and join any professional organizations that may be useful for networking. Research products, your competition and your prospects so that you are well-educated.

2. Ask Lots of Questions

Once you start reaching out to potential customers, do more listening than talking. Make sure the conversation is focused on them, finding out what their problems are and what they are looking for. Get as much of their story as possible and let them know you care about them. Showing respect by taking their questions seriously and being an active listener is how you gain their trust. Cover the fundamental questions of why, who, where, when and how in a natural progression so you have the whole picture. You need to be well-informed to know how to help them, and helping them is your main objective.

3. Set the Scene

Now that you know what your potential client’s needs are, you can introduce your solution. Your company, service and product are a great remedy for their situation and you can set the scene for how their circumstances will be improved. Paint a pleasant picture of life without the worry they have now and the benefits of the service your business offers. Make sure you customize this scene to your client’s specific situation and do not use a one size fits all scenario. Talk to your customer like you would want someone to talk to you, with respect, intelligence and focus.

4. Explain the Process

In an ideal world, selling would only be about helping your clients, but in reality, you need to make money and bring in customers for your company. After setting the scene of how your company is the answer your prospect’s been looking for, it is time to talk about what happens now. Explain the process of how to set up the service or order the product. Don’t be afraid to be specific and ask when they are looking to move forward. Refer back to the picture of how life will be better when the product is in place. The best way to work this information into the conversation is when they tell you about how long they have wanted a solution because then you can offer to set up service in the time frame that best fits their situation.

5. Explore Your Options

At the end of each encounter, take notes about what worked and what didn’t. When things are fresh in your mind it will be easiest to come up with ideas of how to best address what changes need to be made to your conversations. Explore options of other places to find clients and people that might need what you offer. Sometimes it is the most unlikely places that produce the best customers. Schedule time each week for going to new neighborhoods or cities and exploring new prospects. 

Becoming a great salesperson takes determination, patience, ambition and perseverance. Lay a sound financial situation, ask prospects to share their stories and show how your company offers the perfect solution to their problem. This will help you and your business to be successful.