Every other pest control company has a website now. This has a lot to do with consumer behavior. The contemporary customer would rather look for exterminators online, than asking the neighbors. If your pest control business doesn’t have a website, or isn’t spending on online marketing, you are already miss out on your target audience. When it comes to SEO and marketing for pest control companies, hiring an agency is way better than having an in-house team, both economically and otherwise. In this post, we are sharing more on how to discuss SEO for your pest control company with a marketing agency. 

Start with SEO strategy

When it comes to SEO, you have to discuss what a marketing company will do for your business. Ideally, SEO should be a mix of on-page and off-page strategies, and a good agency will never step back from discussing their approach. Many exterminators and pest control companies make the mistake of asking for an estimate first, without understanding the work ethics and practices of a marketing agency.

Ask about your website 

Eventually, all your marketing efforts will fail, if your website is not optimized. If you haven’t designed or revamped your pest control business site in last two years, you can ask the agency for an audit and overview of current SEO. Many marketing companies also specialize in website design, and their experience can be handy for designing an SEO-friendly portal that’s responsive for all devices. 

Know their team and clients

A marketing agency is as good as the team they deploy. You need to ask the company about the core people who will be working on your SEO project. The collaborative experience of the team is critical for achieving results. Similarly, you have to consider the clientele of the company. While the basic SEO strategies remain the same, niche-specific marketing requires understanding of many other aspects. Check if the company has worked with pest control companies in recent years. 

Estimates and reporting

Finally, do ask the agency for an estimate. Make sure that the price is final and covers for everything that has been promised by the company. Also, ask the agency if they are going to provide regular SEO reports. This allows you to track the growth and traffic of your pest control business site, to further measure their efforts. 

Shortlist a few agencies for pest control marketing now and start discussing your SEO goals.