Jeans are something which has been worn by people for ages now. Jeans are comfortable, elegant, and look good when paired with good shirts. A good pair of jeans that fit you right can add charm to your personality.  However, it is important to keep in mind when combining jeans and shirts.

1.Avoid super skinny jeans with a shirt

Skinny jeans are in trend but they are not at all preferable when you are wearing them with a shirt.  Also if you are wearing your jeans and shirt for official wear, wearing skinny-fit jeans is a big no as it will add a casual touch to your look.

2. White shirt and blue jeans

This is one of the combinations that you can never go wrong with. You can combine good quality blue jeans and a white shirt for a casual yet stylish look. This look can be used for formal attire as well. On days when you don’t have time to think about what to wear, this combination can be your best option.

3.Don’t forget about grey jeans

When you are in doubt, wear grey and match it with a little dark shirt. Grey jeans are very versatile and give you a very nice look. While wearing grey jeans, you can pair them with some  dark colored shirts like navy blue or black for a perfect look.

4.Light blue jeans

While shopping for light blue jeans, you can prefer buying slim-fit jeans as light blue jeans give you a very young look and make you look different. You can combine light blue jeans with a solid color t-shirt and a blazer for an official look or you can just wear a good solid color t-shirt as a casual outfit.


To conclude, it can be said that you can very easily pair any shirt with jeans. Just make sure about the color of the jeans which you are choosing. You can also choose among the different varieties of jeans which are now available like shaded jeans, ripped, stretchable, and straight fit jeans.