The aggressive nature of the wasps makes it a frightening pest for several people. When we provoke it could sting us multiple times to defend its colony. Wasp stings are painful and for some, they can even be fatal. If lately, you are noticing increased activity of wasps flying swiftly near entryways and doors, chances are there is a wasp infestation in your residence.

Pest control:

The tricky part is that it isn’t easy to spot their nest and it could be too late by the time you spot them. A professional pest controller is your only way out of this nightmare. They have better knowledge about which insecticides to use and have the necessary protective equipment. Also, wasps can sometimes be confused with other insects like hornets.

Only a professional exterminator would be able to help you confirm a wasp infestation. If you are looking for a reliable company for pest control in Manchester, make a call to pest control Manchester. They are the top pest control services in Manchester and use cutting-edge technology to deliver long-term and reliable pest control solutions. Have their exterminator inspect your home and lookout for signs of wasp infestation.

Signs of wasp infestation:

Sometimes wasps’ entire a building through entryways to temporarily seek food which means there isn’t an infestation to worry about after all. The signs to look out for include:

  • Increased activity of wasps: If you find a sudden spike of wasps flying around your home during summer, it might be because their nest is somewhere close by. Avoid sealing the entry/ exit without locating the nest location else you may end up with a host of aggressive wasps stuck up inside your house.
  • Chewed wood: Wasps are known to chew on wooden surfaces like fences, trees, etc. which eventually causes property damages.
  • Visible wasp nest: The common places where you can find wasp nests are roof spaces, garage, wall cavities, sidings, trees, bird boxes, etc.

If wasp infestation has been confirmed, you should take immediate steps to eliminate it since they are a nuisance and their stings can result in injuries for your family members. Wasp infestation causes further property damages to the ceiling and wallboard. If on the other hand, wasps have entered your home to overwinter, you are unlikely to spot them flying around until spring and they aren’t aggressive.

Wondering how wasps made their way into your home?

  • Uncovered food outdoors: Wasps build nests near places of uncovered food sources. If you consume or prepare food in an outdoor area and leave it uncovered there is a high chance of attracting wasps. 
  • Open trash can: Open trash contains food remnants that end up being a nesting place for wasps.
  • Uncovered pet food: Wasps are also attracted to pet food. It is better to store pet foods in a closed container.
  • Broken panels/ sidings: Corners of porches and patios are usual places where you can find wasp nests.

If you suspect a wasp infestation, take immediate action. It is best to contact wasp pest control services to deal with the infestation.