Do you have any idea about melatonin? It is a type of hormone which is naturally present in our body. It is a type of medicine which is actually synthesized in a laboratory. In the Most of the time you will get melatonin in the form of the pills. You can directly absorb this pill into your body. The basic function of melatonin is used in the time of insomnia, sleep disorder and to establish good and proper night cycle. In This article you will know all the facts related to melatonin pills and how it is important for our body. 

What is the purpose of melatonin?

Melatonin actually helps to regulate you’re sleep and wake up cycle. No matter weather at night or at daytime your cycle should be maintained properly. The darkness is the main cause for the melatonin signal and in proper sleep. It produced signals in your body and helps you to prepare the production of your body in a proper way. Low intakeof sleep will lead you various health problems so you should consider melatonin as one of the supplement for sleep.

Can melatonin cure covid 19?

The pandemic Situation of COVID-19 is such why you need to improve your immunity power. So you cannot say that melatonin is good or curable Supplement cure over 19 pandemic. Till now no study had revealed the fact that took your COVID-19 virus melatonin supplement is useful.  So you cannot say that melatonin is good for improving immunity. The immunity power is easily cured with simple homemade remedies. You don’t need any supplements to improve your health or your immune system.

Can melatonin reduce stress? 

Melatonin supplement which can easily reduced stress. The actual stress comes from sleep disorder due to the nervous problem and sleep disorder you will be stressful. To cure the problem of darkness and wake sleep cycle melatonin is used. In other words you can l ay it is reducing your stress simultaneously. Directly it is not helping you to reduce stress but incorrectly it is helping you to reduce your stress and anxiety level to some extent.


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