The devices that we create to offer protection to us often turn against us. It is essential to take proper care of every aspect. The surveillance cameras are meant to protect us, but they may not be able to do so often. How? Even the most vigilant security guards armed with 5.56 ammo loaded guns can’t protect a sophisticated hack that happens only through system hacks.  How?

One of the studies has shown that around 61 percent of people are prone to surveillance cameras being hacked. The cameras hacked may be used for different purposes. These attacks are most common in Wi-Fi-enabled cameras.

The cameras will be hacked if proper care isn’t taken of them. Different brands around the world have been prone to hacking. And one small hack can lead to huge losses. An extremely skilled hack can break into your system. When you purchase a home device, you need to ensure that you proceed with a new opportunity. 

The security cameras are vulnerable to such threats. Although your camera is prone to hacking, you may take small steps to protect against hacking. Also, it is essential to use high-quality home security devices to offer protection. 

How to know if your home security camera is hacked? 

If your home camera is hacked, it would not be easy to track it. But, it will surely come with a red flag that needs to be taken care of. If your security camera suddenly starts to degrade in performance, it is a clear indication that your system has been hacked. 

If a hacker breaks into your home security camera, the CPU will be working very hard. This will affect the camera’s functionality. The degraded performance is an indication of the hack that will have an impact on the protective measures. 

Ways to protect security cameras being hacked

Some of the prominent ways to protect your security cameras from being hacked include the following.

Use strong password

When installing a security camera, you will need to change the default username and password. However, make sure to use a strong password that is a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. At the same time, do not make up such a complex password that even you can’t crack it. 

Update the camera 

The security camera manufacturers provide constant updates about the system. It is necessary to check for bugs and improve product performance. Regular updates will ensure the security flaws are easily solved. Always check for updates and keep it updated with the latest version.