People opt for tattoo removal for reasons such as faded or blurred tattoos or if the tattoo doesn’t fit your present image. Although people don’t mind the cost, time, and pain involved, removing a tattoo is not an easy task. However, the effectiveness of the removal method depends on the technology and the size of the tattoo.

Plastic Surgery

This method is among the ancient procedures of removing tattoos. A plastic surgeon removes the tattooed skin and grafts a new layer of the skin on the scar. The process is easier and less expensive compared to other treatments. You can use the method on smaller and larger tattoos.


Initially, this method was used and is still used to remove warts and treat skin cancer. Although it’s extremely painful, people use it to remove tattoos. With the help of freezing agents, the procedure exposes the skin to cold temperatures, causing frostbite. This gets rid of the top skin layer. However, the method can damage the skin tissues, so people with sensitive skin should avoid it. In addition, cryosurgery cannot work on multicolored tattoos.

Concealing with Makeup

A tattoo concealer is the best option for people who fear pain and digging deeper into their pockets. The makeup is precisely made for camouflaging tattoos. You can order it online or check in beauty shops near you.

Laser Surgery

Laser treatment is among the commonly used and effective methods of removing permanent tattoos.  The laser is set down on the tattoo, breaking down the pigments until the ink leaves the skin. For multicolored tattoos, you require multiple treatments during a single session. After the procedure, you will use bandages and moisturizers to clear swelling and blisters.

Intense Pulsed Light Method

This method subjects broad-spectrum light to the portrait tattoos, thus breaking down the color pigments. After removing the epidermis, the area heals, and a new layer of skin regenerates, clearing the tattoo completely. Although the method is correlated with laser surgery, pulsed light is less painful, doesn’t work well on dark-skinned people, and is more expensive than the laser removal method.

Use of Removal Cream

This method is effective on old or faded tattoos. There are many tattoo removal creams on the market, so it’s best to consult your doctor for an effective cream. The cream has a chemical that removes the inked layer of the skin. You’ll likely experience discomfort in the skin, but it is not as painful as most removal methods.

Surgical Removal

The surgical excision method works better for smaller tattoos placed in hidden places. This is because the procedure leaves scars that may be visible. A surgeon injects a local anesthetic on the tattoo and uses a scalpel to remove it and stitch back the skin together. To avoid infections, the patients are given antibacterial ointments. Although the method is effective, the scars may not fade away.

Salt Scrub

Salt helps to exfoliate the skin, which helps to remove the tattoo ink. You can do a salt scrub daily, but be careful because exfoliation can thin your skin, thus causing harm. However, the process can take months before seeing any results, but eventually, the pigment will clear up.


If you are on a tight budget, dermabrasion may be the best option. The procedure uses a rotary device and a brush to leach out the tattoo ink. The affected part takes up to two or three weeks to recover. However, the results may not be as effective as surgical or laser methods.

Tattoos are meant to be permanent, and that’s why the ink is placed under the skin. This makes the removal procedure more difficult and expensive. However, you can get rid of the tattoo using the aforementioned procedures.