A slip & fall accident may cause serious injuries. If you were injured on someone else’s property and believe that they didn’t take enough care to prevent such accidents, you can file for a compensation claim. The next few steps after an accident is particularly important, and we have enlisted them in order for your help. 

  1. Contact your attorney immediately. In case you are in a condition to call, make sure to contact an Atlanta slip and fall attorney right away. This just ensures that you are getting legal information and assistance from the start. 
  2. Inform the property manager. You should consider informing the property manager or property owner right after the incident, and if possible, record the call. Ensure that they inform them in depth about the incident
  3. Take pictures. Once you have received medical help, ask someone to take photographs of the accident scene in detail. Take pictures of your injuries too, both before and after getting medical assistance. 
  4. Check if there were witnesses. You should consider taking details of witnesses at the site of the accident. Ask for their contact information, because your slip and fall attorney will ask for these details as the case moves forward. 
  5. Focus on your recovery. Depending on the actual impact of your accident, you may need a few days or weeks in recovery. If you are out of work, your compensation claim should cover for that, as well. You may have to work and talk with your slip and fall attorney time and again, to offer information and to know how the case has been progressing. 

Do not delay in seeking legal and medical help after a slip & fall accident, because both are important to be assured that your life gets back to normal as soon as possible.