No two graduates are exactly alike. In the same ways that every student and student body have their own personalities, your graduation announcement should be a reflection of you. Instead of picking up a standard, dull graduation announcement that you can buy in bulk, why not take the time to design an announcement and invitation that reflects your unique journey and personality? If you’re about to graduate or helping someone who is, now is a great time to plan out the perfect graduation announcement. For more on why your graduation announcement invitation doesn’t have to be dull, read on.

Choosing a Theme

Don’t settle for dull graduation announcements. No matter how much design experience you have or don’t have, it’s easy to make custom graduation announcements with Mixbook. Start by going through Mixbook’s many templates where you’ll be able to find something for every type of high school or college graduation announcement. While you’re there, consider making other custom items like yard signs, party invitations, magnets, foil cards, and souvenirs for your party guests. Remember, they are coming out to support you and your achievements, so one way to stand out from the graduating class is to put your own spin on how you announce your graduation. The best way to do this, for you, might be custom magnets or stickers.

Your Journey and Personality

As someone about to hit one, you probably already understand the importance of celebrating major life milestones. The reality is that we only graduate so many times and you’ll want your school years and graduation to be something you look back on fondly. To make your graduation announcement invitations and events exciting, think of a theme, color, or symbol that represents your personality. Do you have a favorite funny quote? Are you known as the class clown? What are your dreams and goals? Highlighting these things and building a theme around them is a great way to bring your announcements and RSVP cards from standard to outstanding!

Making Memories

As you work to design the perfect grad announcement on Mixbook, consider your special memories and the new ones you hope to make in the next chapters of your story. By being intentional as you design your announcements, you’ll be far from boring and have the benefit of being closer to new goals and dreams. For example, maybe your next step is a college in New York City. As someone who grew up in the countryside and attended a small high school, maybe your favorite memory is attending hayrides and barn dances. Creating a custom announcement about a country western-themed party in New York City could be a lot of fun and serve as a way to tell the world you won’t be straying all that far from your roots.

Or maybe your best memories were with a favorite teacher who’s inspired you to become one yourself. Using quotes and inspirations from that teacher’s classroom could be a great way to announce your own academic accomplishments to the world. Consider who you are, what’s made you the person you are today, and the people and places that will shape not only your present but future. Adding those touches will make your announcement stand out.

Graduation will be here soon. By taking the time to make those announcements stand out now, you’ll thank yourself for it when the big day comes. Not only will you have a token to remember your school days and experiences, but you’ll be glad you took the time to celebrate your accomplishment. Best of luck to you as you pursue the future post-graduation. You’ve got this!