In today’s law practice marketing, having law firm management software like RocketMatter is crucial for individual and small firms. Also, choosing the right legal practice management solution for your firm shouldn’t be as complicated. Here’s a five-step process for evaluating law firm management software for your practice.

Consider Your Goals First Not Features

The process of deciding on the tools that your firm needs should start by analyzing the firm’s long-term goals. For instance, a small firm that is looking to, later on, add remote staff has different needs compared to firms where everyone works in one office. Determining where you plan to take your practice in the future can offer you more clarity on your core needs. Defining your firm’s goals will also help you identify the finer differences in workflow, user interface, and other features.

Look at Included Updates

Remember to consider the software’s included updates. Find out how often the system gets updated. Also, take note of what is being updated and ask whether the software you are evaluating works on new features, or whether it can resolve existing bugs. Although bug fixes are necessary for the system, you must ensure that the CMS you pick has plans for new features release.

Future-Proof Your Criteria

It is essential that you at least have a general sense of the direction innovation trends and technology are headed and the impact they can have on the long-term strategic planning of your firm. In doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of which law management software can grow with your practice. Also, be sure to take the time to set up a detailed threat analysis for your law practice, plus understand how various vendors can help you address your identified possible future risk needs.

Support & Ease of Use

Like with any transition, you’re likely to experience some challenges. Despite this, you can make those challenges more manageable by opting for intuitive law management software with good support. Again, with an easy to navigate system, the transition becomes much easier for your firm. Likewise, consider picking a legal practice management solution that offers quality support, both by phone and online. And when you encounter problems, you’d want to be certain there will be help standing by.

Get a Demo and Ask the Tough Questions

Since all practice management software comes with a refundable or free demo period, you should make the most of this opportunity. Once you have identified a list of software options, you can either create test accounts with an actual matter or fake data then run it through the test. Take more time during the trial period and use the software as you would normally do. Also, be sure to assess and identify those workflows and interfaces you prefer using.

All in all, carefully analyze your Practice Management Software to ensure that it can support your firm’s work processes. Also, identify processes that can be performed more efficiently. Remember to dedicate some time to test drive two or three similar software programs. Also, you could consult with someone you trust and know with an understanding of your practice. Plus ensure that they have tested or used several like programs.