Although there’s a small learning curve for most beginners, having a good marketing approach like the use of Pool Office Manager Software can significantly boost your online visibility as well as directly attract more customers. However, to help you do achieve this you’ll need to learn more about pool industry digital marketing.  Here’s a beginner’s guide to pool industry marketing.

Make Sure You’re Easy to Reach

In pool industry marketing, customers should be able to reach you easily. Also, make sure that your contact and location information is displayed on each web page or platform. Be sure to have a contact form as it’s a huge way of catching customers who browse your web outside your regular business hours. Another way you can boost your online visibility would be to ensure that you’ve set up Google My Business. This will help clients find you on Google Search, Maps. Plus it lets you reply to reviews as well as showcase new services and products.

Build up Your Website

One crucial tool to consider in your pool business marketing is your company website design. Consider it to be the core of all your marketing efforts. A website is typically your clients’ first impression, hence it’s important that it looks professional, is easy to read, and communicates your values upfront. Your homepage should include clearly-defined value propositions, more so in pool business marketing. Quickly and concisely tell your clients why they should work with you over other pool companies. Also, your company’s value propositions should be included in all your other marketing methods.

Boost Your Organic Traffic

Although a website is huge in pool business marketing, you still need to direct people there. This you can do through generating organic traffic and paid traffic. Internet users who visit your site after they’ve done their search query are referred to as organic traffic. These users are your most valuable audience as they are actively seeking information connected to your pool business.

Paid traffic often comes from pay-per-click advertising and email marketing. The one way that pool services marketing strategies create organic traffic is by using a blog. Since pools are a huge investment, most people will want to learn more before they invest their money. If your blog offers detailed information on maintaining a swimming pool, finding a contractor, and other frequently asked questions, it will show your visitors that your pool company is helpful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Social Media Marketing

Realize that social media is an important tool in the pool industry marketing. Social media lets you build lasting relationships with clients and still show your personality. Engaging but fun posts on Facebook and Instagram help encourage clients to interact with you as well as tag you on their posts. Pool industry marketing includes several avenues that are intricately connected. Even then, it’s no easy task trying to keep up with all of them on your own.

In closing, your first and most crucial tool to add to your pool service marketing arsenal is a website. Remember that, first impressions last long so make sure your website looks professional, is easy to read, and it communicates your company values upfront.