Is your rare gold and silver coins collection growing bigger every year, and want to sell them at an auction? Are your local dealers unable to sell your rare coins and get you the top dollar for your precious belongings? Or are you just interested in having your rare gold and silver coins appraised to know what they are really worth? Blackwell Auctions – the top coin auction house in Florida – is the place to be no matter what you want to do with your rare coins.

With an experienced auctioneer on your side, you can always expect to get realistic estimates for your precious coins and sell them for what they are truly worth.

Types of Coins We Feature in Our Auctions

Blackwell Auctions features the following coins:

  1. Coins that haven’t been publicly offered for sale in the last five years or more. Such coins often have a greater demand among collectors.
  2. Coins that have been highest graded by PCGS or NGC. These are top population coins, and you have a better shot at selling them at a huge auction price because the collectors who want only the best collectibles will be competing to buy them.
  3. All rare coins look extraordinarily appealing to the eye for their designated number grade. Collectors fall for attractive silver and gold coins and are willing to pay a premium for them.
  4. Fresh coins that haven’t been presented in the markets for decades. They receive high attention whenever they hit the market.

If you own any such coins and are willing to sell them at an auction, contact us now!

How Our Auction Process Works

We’re true rare coin professionals, and working with us to auction your rare gold and silver coins is not the same as consigning your rare collectibles to a local barn/estate auction. We employ a tried and tested process to ensure you get the best value for your precious belongings.

Let’s look into how it all works.

  • When you first contact us, we seek as much information about your coins as possible, including the coin type, history, and grade. We also require high-resolution pictures of the coin for preliminary assessment.
  • Our experts give you a free, no-obligation estimate of the coin’s auction valuation, and if you want to sell antique coins through Blackwell Auctions, you can send us the coin.
  • After confirming the coin’s value, we’ll issue you the sales contract.
  • We then properly photograph and catalog your rare coins so that they are professionally presented to potential buyers.
  • Next, all your items are listed on five online auction sites, including Live Auctioneers, Invaluable, Bidsquare, HiBid, and Proxibid. We also let buyers place absentee bids and phone bids too.
  • If you are under time constraints or have other reasons to prefer we purchase your coins outright, we’re open to discussing the option with you.
  • We charge market-competitive commissions and transfer the proceeds to your provided account after all deductions. We don’t charge anything for photography and storage.

If you want to buy precious gold and silver coins, you can also bid on the listed items when the auctions go live.

Tips for Buying Coins at an Auction

Buying coins at auction shouldn’t be a complex process, but there are some aspects you need to be careful about. If you want to ensure you get the best value out of every purchase, here are a few tips you might want to consider.

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Auction Website 

It is important to get familiar with the auction site where you plan to buy coins. Remember that auction sites are different, and they can have different rules for their auctions. If there’s a step-by-step bidding tutorial available, go through it to avoid any trouble and disappointment. Check to see if they offer any guarantees or insurance for undelivered items. In addition, familiarize yourself with their rules for items that are unauthentic or aren’t what the seller claimed.

2. Know The Worth Of Items You Are Bidding On

You should always know exactly what you are going to buy before you even plan to bid on it. Try to learn every little detail about the item and know its true worth. Thoroughly read the description of the item listed by the seller and closely observe the photographs if available. Examine how the coins were graded and distinguish if they’ve been cleaned or have some sort of inconsistencies that indicate the product may be forged. It is very important to understand what your potential purchase is worth. It will also help ensure you don’t end up overpaying for the coins.

3. Remember That Most Auctions Sell Antique Coins As-Is, Where-Is

No matter which coin auction house you choose, always remember that almost all the auctions sell rare coins “as-is.” So, what does that mean? Well, it means examining every coin being auctioned is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Therefore, before you bid on any product, you must check for flaws and imperfections. At Blackwell Auctions, however, the auction house makes every possible effort to inform you about what you are buying before you place your bids.

4. Know Your Budget And Don’t Overbid

It is normal for buyers to get carried away at auctions and end up in bidding wars. But that’s not something you’d be proud of later. In order to keep things under control, you must set yourself a maximum price and shouldn’t overbid to avoid paying extra money for an item that’s not actually worth as much. It is also advised not to bid coins you don’t plan to buy because, if your bid ends up at the top, you’ll be obligated to complete the transaction. In some cases, the auction house would bar the “non-paying” bidders from bidding in the future.

5. Know The Payment Options and Be Vigilant

To avoid any trouble, you must inquire about the payment methods accepted by the seller beforehand. If they only accept money orders or cashier’s checks, you have to decide whether you should take the risk of paying them before receiving the coins at your address or you’d want to send payment after receiving your items. Remember, however, that you must protect your privacy and never share your SSN, credit card number, driver’s license number, or any bank account information until you can trust the seller and the online payment service being used if any.

Services We Offer

Blackwell Auctions is a trusted coin auction house in Florida. We value your rare collectibles and leave no stone unturned to sell your precious belongings at the highest possible price. Our services include:

1. Auctioning Rare Gold and Silver Coins

You can trust us with your rare coins. We make sure you get the best estimates for your collectibles and that they are presented at the top online auction sites to get maximum exposure. Of course, the idea is to get you the top dollar for your precious silver and gold coins.

2. Sell Rare Graded Coins

Graded coins sell better than regular antique coins. If you have any such collectibles, we’d want you to share them with us and sell them for the best possible price.

3. Free Auction Value Estimates

If you haven’t yet decided to sell the coins you own and are only interested in finding out how much they are worth, we offer no-obligation auction value estimates for free to help you determine the true value of your rare collectibles.

If you have time constraints and want to sell your coins outright, we’d like to discuss this option as well and purchase your coins if we come to terms. If you choose to sell your coins through Blackwell Auctions, we ensure you are only charged market-competitive commissions. We don’t charge you for photography or storage, and there are no hidden charges.