Ohio is one of the most overlooked and yet incredible states out there.  From the gorgeous summers to the beautiful snowy winters, you get the best of both worlds here.  

These are the top cities in the state for affordable living, and why living here is a winner! 


Just over thirty miles west of Pittsburgh, this gorgeous little town has a lot packed into it.  Although there are only 18,000 people living here, you can find a lot to do and see.  From exploring Historic Fort Steuben to checking out Beatty Park, it’s easy to see why so many tourists find themselves turning into locals in no time. 

This is a great place to raise kids since it’s home to multiple high-ranking schools and a handful of great colleges and universities.  If you want a city that promises you a fresh start, it’s Steubenville.


If you weren’t expecting beaches in Ohio, you don’t know the state well enough!  Sandusky has tons to see and do while also offering affordable rates for everything from hotel rooms to cars, food, experiences, and so much more.  

Sitting on the shores of Lake Eerie, you get some of the beachiest summer days, while in the winter, the snow is breathtaking and beautiful.  Cedar Point calls Sandusky home, and this is one of the largest attractions for families in the nation! 


From how affordable Cincinnati houses for sale are to the incredible views and architecture here, it’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with this amazing city.  

Cincinnati has an incredibly diverse economy that allows you to work in any industry you want while also offering a low cost of living, plenty to see and do, and the chance to stop and raise a family if you’re going to.

Although it’s often overlooked, Cincinnati has a lot of heart and fun packed into it that’s hard to replicate!


Far less of a recognizable name than Cincinnati, Warren is still an amazing place to live or beautiful to simply visit.  This smaller city ranks high for its dynamic economy, affordable living, and low poverty rate.  People who live here have the chance to lead whatever type of life interests them while also getting to have a work-life balance and some fun on the side.  

This is a beautiful city that will feel like home right after you arrive.  Friendly locals, incredible food, and nice parks to explore kick this area up a notch! 

Before You Move

Although Ohio has no real reputation across the country, this allows residents to live here affordably and comfortably without fearing competition.  Here you can enjoy a laid-back and comfortable life, doing work you want and being able to afford property far sooner.

A lot of Ohio has really rough winters, with multiple feet of snow building up.  If you’re not a huge fan of winter, this can be a problem since you’ll have to shovel numerous times a week.

Ohio is a Dream Come True

Whether you want to start a family or you simply want more affordable living, Ohio is one of the best cities out there!  Consider moving to one of these beautiful areas soon.