Are you running out of inspiration and looking for a gift idea for men? Discover good reasons to offer him a watch, as well as a selection of models of men’s watches to help you choose the right one.

The different types of watches

Do you have a gift to give and have chosen to opt for a men’s watch? Know that you are spoiled for choice, both in terms of men’s watches models and brands. A brief overview of what we find on the market.

The traditional watch

The watch is a timeless purchase. Refined accessory to dress an outfit and bring elegance to your wrist, it is a sure and timeless value.

Here are some tips for choosing it:

The size of the case is of particular importance, it must be adapted to the wrist. A case that is too small on a large wrist will not show off, and a large case on a small wrist will have the same effect. Ideally, the case should be positioned in the center of the wrist and reveal the watch strap.

The style of the dial is the second important criterion, there are all colors: black, silver, gold or rose gold steel, be careful not to go wrong. A black or silver dial remains a safe bet and is suitable for men who prefer discretion. A gold or rose gold dial will suit men who pay particular attention to the latest trends, or who like accessories that stand out.

Finally, the strap completes the look of the watch. It exists in leather, steel, or even silicone. Note that today many brands offer models of men’s watches with interchangeable straps to be able to alternate styles.

  • For a man with a slightly old school style, choose a manual winding watch. It requires mechanical winding to function. And the models are always very thin and elegant.
  • For a man with more head in the air but still elegant, prefer an automatic watch that draws its energy from the movements of the wrist of its wearer.
  • An athlete will be more interested in a chronograph watch which, in addition to giving the time, offers a very practical stopwatch function for measuring performance.
  • Some watches have 2 dials, they are perfect gifts for men who like to travel as they can show the time in 2 different time zones.

Women’s watches

You want to buy a ladies’ timepiece, then you might have a pretty big choice in front of you. Several points must be taken into account when you want to acquire a watch for the fairer sex.

What are we looking for?

Do you want to take a jewel watch, that is to say a tocante which is above all a jewel and whose horological importance (history, movement, etc.) does not really matter, or a real watch?

In the first case, we often have to turn to fashion brands like Guess, Pierre Lannier, Fossil, etc., which we will find mainly in jewelry stores or small watchmakers , as well as in distribution chains. These watches, while they can be quality, often cost too much for what they are. They play a lot on their design.