For the best abogado de lesiones personales de la ciudad de jersey, consider looking through word of mouth, online, and the yellow pages. However, the most common mode to search for an injury attorney would be through word of mouth. You would inquire with your family or friends about the best attorney they had encountered and if they could be hired for your injury claim handling needs. Another aspect would be to look for the best attorney online. The online realm would spoil you for choice of options meeting your specific needs. You could go through several websites of experienced and competent injury attorneys. The third option would be to look on yellow pages. 

Among the three available options, you could choose the one you feel comfortable with. Despite the option you choose, you would be required to compare a few available options to have the best injury attorney handle your claim. To compare, consider looking for their experience, expertise, and fee structure. The attorney with the highest experience in the legal arena would charge a huge fee. He would also be an expert in specific injury claims handling needs. If the attorney was willing to handle your claim on a contingency basis, you should choose him, provided he is easily accessible to you. 

Apart from the experience, expertises, and contingency fee aspects, look for an attorney who is easily accessible to you. If the attorney is not easily accessible, you may have trouble handling the claim and learn about the progress of the claim. Therefore, above everything else, consider looking for an attorney offering ease of access to you. However, you should be prudent when accessing the attorney. You should not call or visit the attorney at odd hours. It would be in your best interest to look for an attorney who understands your condition and is willing to help you win fair compensation for the injuries suffered due to the negligence of the other party.