London-based film agent and executive maker Red Rock Entertainment has opened an office in Spain, which it expectations will help UK Films makers with creating co-creations with European partners after Brexit.

The workplace is situated in Malaga and has as of late opened with staff set up. The organization is intending to have ten staff in the workplace as expected for Brexit and plans to move some UK staff to Spain.

In an explanation, Red Rock stated: “With the UK’s withdrawal from the EU not too far off, the organization desires to connect the social hole, make new chances for producers and keep supporting film venture, both locally and globally.”

Ongoing ventures financed by Red Rock incorporate The Laureate with Kathy Bates, That Good Night featuring John Hurt and Stanley, A Man of Variety with Timothy Spall.

Red Rock likewise uncovered that they are presently an authority accomplice and supporter of the Marbella International Film Festival.

Gary Collins, author of Red Rock Entertainment stated: “We are deliberately putting time and energy in Spain and consider this to be the ideal stage to construct more grounded securities and organizations between producers in the two districts.”