You are head over heels in love with your girlfriend. Every day with her is a celebration. But, her birthday calls for larger than life celebrations and romantic surprises. Firstly, girls love surprises, and secondly, she is the love of your life, meaning she deserves the best birthday celebration ever! And as a doting boyfriend, it’s your moral duty to make her birthday desires and dreams come true.

However, you are geographically apart from each other. When your hearts are connected, distance can’t disconnect you. Even being miles away from her; you can make her birthday the best day of her life over these surprise ideas. Without wasting a second, read all the points.

  • A Surprise Cake and Gift Delivery: A cake and gift are two birthday essentials that you can’t ignore. As she is residing in another city, plan a midnight birthday surprise for girlfriendby scheduling a cake and gift delivery for her at midnight. Several online bakeries and gifting portals offer you the exclusive service of midnight cake and gift delivery. All you have to do is find the one having their presence in the city of your girlfriend. This sweet gesture of yours will make her fall in love with you over again; trust us .
  • Plan a HouseParty: You must be laughing on this idea, houseparty? Send a houseparty app invite to your girlfriend’s friends and throw a houseparty for your girlfriend just like you always do, but digitally. This app allows you to play games and have fun. You and her friends can sing her a birthday song as well. On the whole, this app willenable her to have fun and chill moments with you and her friends on her birthday.
  • Instagram Wishes and Stories: It’s the birthday of the woman that makes you feel special every moment with her little gestures. Now, it’s your turn to pamper and make her feel all your love. And, there is no better way to do than Instagram wishes and stories, especially when you are miles away from each other. Put her pictures on the stories with birthday texts, share some of your best memories with her, or dedicate a birthday song to her. We bet every notification from you will make her eyes gleam with happiness.
  • Singer-On-Call: When you fail to give words to your emotions, let the music speak on your behalf. Strum the chords of her heart by availing singer-on-call service from any reputed gifting portal. The singer-on-call service includes options such as Guitar-on-call, Violinist-on-call, Pianist-on-call, saxophone-on-call or flutist-on-call. Whichever service you choose, a singer will arrange a video conferencing call with you and your girlfriend, and will sing your preferred song for her. The words will be his, but emotions will be yours. Over this musical gift, say Happy Birthday, and I Love You in a language that only you both understand.
  • Write For Her: Just wishing Happy Birthday to your girlfriend won’t be enough. She deserves a more heart-touching birthday wish from her boyfriend. So, pen down a poem or write down your heart for her. Over a video call, read out loud to her and witness happy tears rolling down her cheeks. Awwww!

So, these were some of the romantic ways to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday who is in another city or country that will do wonders beyond your imagination.