The Yeezy 500s first debuted in 2017, three years after Kanye West entered the footwear market. They are one of Kanye West’s most famous sneakers if not the most.

Kanye West collaborated on footwear releases with Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Reebok to name a few. The Yeezy 500 is the brainchild of Kanye and Adidas. 

They are a unisex sneaker and are currently ranked among the best sneakers for men by Gentlemen’s Quarterly. That’s not the only press they’ve received.

Yeezy 500s are amongst the most iconic shoes of the decade.

Some of Hollywood’s most famous like Hailey Bieber, The Weekend, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and fashion model Karlie Kloss treasure the Kanye West sneaker.

Their popularity is in part due to their ability to be one the most comfortable sneakers. They are one of the most comfortable sneakers of all Yeezy styles to date. Simultaneously they are a statement piece due to the tonal colors and unconventional shape. 

The Yeezy 500s come in many colorways and two different styles. Below we break down our top picks for 2022.  

Origins of the Yeezy 500

The Yeezy 500 is Kanye’s fifth sneaker silhouette that first dropped as a pre-order style in December 2017 with a ship date of March 2018. The Adidas and Yeezy collaboration released the shoe in a color dubbed “Desert Rat.”

As you can imagine these shoes debuted in a neutral beige color inspired by the desert. Unlike Kanye’s five preceding footwear debuts, the Yeezy 500 had a unique selling proposition.

Feet You Wear

It debuted with the twenty-year-old Adidas “Feet You Wear” sole. This sole is different than the modern Adidas BOOST sole which had been at the base of every Yeezy shoe to date. 

The “Feet You Wear” sole is sentimental to Kanye as they debuted in 1999 on legendary baller Kobe Bryant’s signature KB8 lll sneakers. The “Feet You Wear” sole was designed for basketball players and constructed to prevent ankle rolling on the court. 

“Dad” Sneaker

Regardless of Yeezy’s prior success, the Yeezy 500 was positioned for mass adoption as that same year the “dad sneaker” trend was going viral. Influencers could not get enough of chunky-soled sneakers due to their ability to provide comfort, support, and a bold statement all in one shoe.

Due to the success of the shoe, it later launched in many other colorways, all with different release dates. The sister shoe to the Yeezy 500, the Yeezy 500 High came out shortly after.

Yeezy 500 High

The Yeezy 500 High is a taller version of the classic Yeezy 500 as the name suggests. The Yeezy 500 high is less popular as the high-top is not as flattering and in some cases uncomfortable. 

In some countries, driving with Yeezy 500s is even banned due to the weight of the sole and stiffness. Some people find the shoe comfortable on the other hand. It all depends on your sizing and preference. 

We’ll dive into the two styles more in-depth in the succeeding sections where we discuss our top Yeezy 500s of 2022. Continue reading to discover the styles. 

New Release of Yeezy 500s

If you’re already a fan of the Yeezy 500s, we have exciting news. Saturday, May 14th, 2022, the Yeezy team is releasing their latest style of Yeezy sneakers. These will debut in a new “Granite” style.

The news comes from Ye’s team at Adidas. The “Granite” style closely resembles the existing “Ash Grey” and “Brown Clay” colors. 

There are no modifications to the shoe’s design. The shoe dawns the same mix of leather and suede, cloud-like bubble sole, and porous mesh detailing. There is a mix of light and dark greys all in the same tones creating the iconic Yeezy 500 monochrome look. 

The shoe boasts the proprietary adiPrene cushioning to propel you forward into greatness. The shoe holds a waitlist and is predicted to sell out immediately. These are the only pair of Yeezy 500s available on the Adidas website. 

“Granite” Debut

You’ll want to snag yourself a pair at the retail price of $210. This is the lowest price you’ll find. Buying direct from Adidas is recommended. 

Yeezys sold through third-party retailers are often more expensive to enable the retailer to generate a sustainable profit margin. Many consumers also buy Yeezy 500s and resell them for a profit at higher costs. Although Kanye worked to control that.

Although the resale market does help boost the desirability of the shoe and increases demand even more so. There are a lot of people waiting for this new Yeezy 500 release. If you’re one of those people, you can sign up for the waitlist. 

Adidas will email you as soon as the new Yeezy 500s are available to shop on May 14th. They will retail for $210. 

Our Top Yeezy 500 Picks for 2022

You’ve done the hard part, you’ve narrowed down which Yeezy shoe you want to treat yourself to. Now it’s time to decide if you want to go for the Yeezy 500s or the Yeezy 500 High which features a high top. 

Some compare it to a boot, some compare it to a sneaker. We guess what you see tells us something about your personality, like those childhood quizzes we used to complete. 

We’ve then outlined the myriad of colors available for the Yeezy 500 styles. You’ll see that the Ye’ 500 team always opts for pale subdued colors or neutrals. It’s not on-brand for a Yeezy 500 to come in neon orange, although who knows that might just be their next drop. 

Below we discuss all our favorite Yeezys, a bit on their backstory, and in some cases share their retail price and average resale value. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Yeezy 500 “Granite”

These yet-to-be-released sneakers are going to be the hottest sneaker of 2022! Above we mentioned a bit on how to grab a pair before they sell out. The Yeezy 500 “Granite” is a perfect everyday sneaker.

The neutral dark grey can go with just about any outfit and suit both men and women. It can even compliment a pantsuit beautifully. The “Granite” Yeezy 500 is set to be released Saturday, May 14th on the Adidas website. 

2. Yeezy 500 “Supermoon Yellow”

The second, and one of the most popular Yeezy 500s, debuted in the second season. The “Supermoon Yellow” is a soft pale yellow sneaker that mixes a suede upper, mesh linings, and the signature Yeezy sole that is inspired by the “Feet You Wear.” On;y slight variations were made to the original Kode Bryant sole of 1999.

This color came out back in June of 2018 and can still be purchased in some places online. Its average resale price is $279. 

3. Yeezy 500 “Blush”

This is the third Yeezy 500 release and still remains one of the most popular among females and males alike. Yeezy 500 “Blush” comes in a barely-there pink. 

It originally debuted during NBA all-star weekend in 2018. It is so popular Adidas re-released the shoe only a few months later. Due to its popularity, the “Blush” style resales at $370.

4. Yeezy 500 “Black”

If you thought you could be like the Kardashians and part of the official Yeezy Mafia by sporting a pair of Yeezy 500 “Black” sneakers, think again. 

Classic Kanye, pays attention to every last detail. There are actually two variations of this sneaker. 

The friends and family version is known as “Shadow Black.” This version dawns purple overtones on the shoe’s upper. 

The public release of this shoe is a true black and is known as “Utility Black.” The difference is almost imperceivable, but Kanye’s friends and family know who they are. 

Bleck is never out. These make a great go-to sneaker for 2022. 

5. Yeezy 500 “Salt”

This was the fourth and final Yeezy shoe of its premier year. Salt is a greyish-blue shoe that continues the monochromatic trend that Yeezy 500s quickly became recognized for in 2018. 

With less of an interesting backstory, this shoe continued to sell for $200 and resell at $278.

6. Yeezy 500 “Bone White”

It’s always the classic colors that do best. With the anticipation of this shoe doing spectacularly well, the team Adidas Yeezy team implemented a special twist for the Yeezy 500 “Bone White” release.

They introduced children’s and infant sizing! Now the whole family could match in their “Bone White” Yeezy 500s. Children’s styles retailed at $130 and Infant at $100. With summer coming up, these are the perfect white sneaker to go with any look in 2022. 

7. Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision”

Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision” is perhaps the most rulebreaking Yeezy 500 out there. Every Yeezy 500 sticks to one color plate, “Soft Vision” incorporates two. This sneaker creates contrast by adding a splash of golden-camel color to the sole of an all-pink Yeezy 500. 

The peculiarity of this Yeezy 500 gives it a higher resell value of $397. If you enjoy dual tones instead of monochrome on your sneakers, this is the pair of Yeezy 500s for you to own this year in 2022.

8. Yeezy 500 “Stone”

“stone” is one of the newest Yeezy 500s which is why they are a relatively new style for 2022, and perfect if you want to stay on-trend. Stone is also a dual-tone sneaker. “Stone” is most similar to the “Bone White” sneaker, but is something revolutionary for any Yeezy 500.

It swaps the mesh panels for neoprene panels that reinforce a smooth stone-like look. Its more beige than white and is marked as the second Yeezy 500 to be released in full family sizing. 

Keep the whole family trending this year by wearing Yeezy 500 “Stone.”

9. Yeezy 500 High “Slate”

This is the first Yeezy 500 to be stretched to the limit. The Yeezy 500 high brought the shoe to new heights with a high-top debut in December 2019, during the holiday season. 

It featured the new neoprene panels that were introduced with the “Stone” shoe. While high-tops are not universally flattering, they are trending in 2022. 

If you pair them with the right pieces, like elongating jeans and wayfarer sunglasses, you will be right on-trend.

10. Yeezy 500 High “Tyrian”

The Yeezy 500 High “Tyrian” is the first style to deviate so far from the traditional Yeezy 500 and Yeezy 500 High. The “Tyrian” colorways paired a dark brown suede with bright blue neoprene. Bringing a pop of color different than the subtle Yeezy 500 we’ve become accustomed to.

They also swapped the laces for toggle closures and added extra rubber to the sole for an extra chunky look. With the chunky sole now more popular than ever, these are a great pick for 2022.

11. Yeezy 500 High “Shale Warm”

“Shale Warm” takes color mixing to new heights. There is a trend of Yeezy 500s coming in one color tone and Yeezy 500 Highs mixing multiple colors on one shoe. 

The “Shale Warm” doesn’t shy away from mixing a sandy upper with a dark and light teal sole. This is a comfortable and stylish shoe/boot that transitions great from fall to winter for 2022.

12. Yeezy 500 High “Mist Slate”

If you prefer a darker style for the fall and winter, Yeezy 500 “Mist Slate” emulates the original “Slate” but in darker, midnight tones.

13. Yeezy 500 High “Frosted Blue”

If you like color, this is the Yeezy 500 for you. It is so colorful, that it is almost unrecognizable as a Yeezy style. “Frosted Blue” features bright blue neoprene, a stark white sole, and lacing finished with a crisp white toggle. 

The standout color makes this an easy piece to wear with summer whites this year. It sells for $200 with a real value of $280, proving there is room for color fanatics in the world of Yeezy. 

14. Yeezy 500 “Enflame”

If you’re a fan of the Yeezy 500 “Frosted Blue,” you’ll gush over the long-awaited “Enflame.” It has maybe even more colors. Orange, blue, periwinkle;e, brown, and gray showcase the Yeezy 500s in never before seen palettes. 

This shoe debuted in April 2021 and is already reselling at $437, more than double the cost. It’s a great shoe for 2022 and beyond if you can get your hands on it.

Are Yeezy 500s Worth the Hype?

At an average retail price of $210, Yeezy 500s are some of the most affordable Yeezy footwear on the market, with other Yeezy sneakers selling for around $7,000 and reselling in the millions.

Despite their fair pricing, they hold their place as one of the most trend-forward sneakers of today. Even if you don’t desperately desire a trendsetting spotlight, Yeezy 500s make a great everyday sneaker due to their neutral palettes. 

So, are they worth it? In short, yes.

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