Everything is not working.

You have tried the backlinks, you have the keywords, but still nothing. You have the description and the title, but no visible ROI.

And it seems reasonable to think SEO is dead!

This is the conclusion of many marketers around the globe. But it is not quite the real reflection of SEO in 2022. If you are looking to answer “is SEO dead?”, then read on to find out.

Is SEO Dead?

Now, this is an old debate. It didn’t begin in 2022 nor did it stem from 2021. No, this debate has been going around in the marketing space for well over five years. And the major root comes from marketers failing to see the results they are expecting from their SEO efforts.

Strategies and trends that used to work aren’t doing so well anymore.

But that doesn’t mean SEO is dead. Rather the opposite. It is alive and well. Just a bit stricter and a whole lot tougher.

With the evolution of AI and Google’s attempt to put users first, SEO has taken a different route that demands marketers put more effort into their users.

SEO Trends for 2022

Getting yourself back into SEO’s good books will require ditching some of marketing’s bad habits. Tactics like keyword stuffing no longer work, especially as Google strengthens its algorithms.

There are, however, some solid trends you can use to boost your SEO in 2022:

User Intent

Google is getting smarter and focusing more on context than the meaning of individual terms. The birth of BERT in 2019 allowed for Google metrics that could better communicate in natural language.

Hence forgetting your user’s search intent will tank your SEO.

Instead of writing generalized content, with an overall view, feed the search intent. What specifically is your content addressing and how well is it addressing it? If you are in IT, is your user looking to fix a computer that won’t start or one that broke?

Before writing your content, know your marketing funnel and optimize it for a specific group of users. 


Black hat or white hat, we can all agree that backlinks are important. But definitely not equal.

Backlinking is like getting a vote of confidence for your site. The more authoritative the vote, the better the credibility. It’s like your governor saying you are a good candidate for a loan. Chances are, you are getting that loan.

But spammy links will get you penalized by Google, so the best approach to backlinking for your SEO strategy is to simply ask.

Try guest posting or do cold outreaches. Bottom-line? Do what it takes to earn trustworthy backlinks from authoritative sites.

Core Web Vitals

Vitals are no longer just a medical term. This latest addition to the Google algorithm focuses on the overall health of your page.

Factors like page speed or content load time can now determine whether or not you rank on the first page. Heavy files with a slow load time will not only increase the bounce-off rate but will also bump you down the ranks.

Get your SEO team on board with these new rank algorithms. But if you are looking for local SEO agencies to help you figure things out, check them out here.

The verdict on SEO in 2022

Is SEO dead? Not at all.

If you are thinking SEO is dead, then maybe you are doing something wrong. Revisit your SEO strategy and polish it up according to the new trends.

Look at it this way; for as long as Google exists, SEO will always be your best friend. 

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