Many people probably know that. When people stay at home for several months Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are turning to ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี online. It can be said that the series from the western camp that people used to watch regularly dropped the rankings. Become a Korean fan with peace of mind. If you take a look at the top ten most popular shows on Netflix, it’s clear that Korean series have always topped the charts.

The highlight of Korean dramas is

  1. Korean dramas do not insult the audience even in the story. Finer will pay attention to details, for example the microphone, which you will often see in Thai dramas that Saw the actor tucking the mic behind the bulging out prominently. Makes it feel unrealistic.
  2. Negotiation script Korean dramas pay attention to this point very much. He cares what the daily human behaviour is like. He will keep every detail realistically.

The dialogue will not be overpowering like a Thai drama. Until the audience believes and forgets that they are watching the drama Therefore, it can draw the audience to cry or laugh according to the characters more than Thai dramas.

  1. Korean dramas always teach social etiquette. Not like a Thai drama, the villain is a good person. But behavioural training to local currency without access to education.
  2. To honor senior. You will see many Korean dramas. Even if the old cheater is bad for the hero or heroine? But when it’s time to meet or part will always see the hero and heroine bowing their heads Wrong with Thai dramas, if you try to be enemies, there is no way to pay respect. Plus, i’ll rebuke you again.
  3. Korean drama heroines will love Nuan and preserve herself. Even though some of Kaew Ting But there are always hidden lady.
  4. Thailand now plays the hero, do not give honor to women. Like to use violence against women as for the women, they were equally emotional. The hero rapes the heroine often. Thai children therefore take the example. But Korean dramas have never seen the heroine rape the heroine.
  5. Thai villains tend to be evil in a stupid way. Most of the riot So Thai dramas look like they’re playing Li-Kae as soon as they see it! He knew immediately who was jealous. Korean villains don’t need to wear dark makeup to be like Li-Kae But he is more evil in the role.
  6. Sometimes, repeat! Sometimes some Korean actors aren’t too handsome. Than the Thai hero but from the role that has been imprinted in the hearts of Thai people, especially young women, Thai society today lacks sincere love. But in Korean dramas, you can see love that is true love that only sacrifices for the lover without the need for possession. Such as Doctor Ho Jun, Ju Mong, Im Sang Ok, or even the Great Eunuch Kim Sam Sun. Sometimes the hero is not always with the heroine.
  7. Korean dramas can be tied to many layers but not complicated. Presenting a variety of lives together in harmony similar to western series there are many clues for viewers to be interested in following. Not just a single knot like most Thai dramas.
  8. (This item is free), especially in the hospital. Thai dramas do not take into account medical facts very much, for example, in one drama, the heroine’s father was shot 5 times. Arrived at the hospital, no blood was given. No oxygen the doctor just finished the wound like a normal crackhead (laughs) and let the father who happened to finish the wound. In addition, he was conscious to order the loss of a child for a long time until his death. In spite of the fact that should have to go to the emergency room for surgery, give a lot of medicine, have not lost consciousness.