Did you know that on average a person spends 12,896 hours cleaning their home in a lifetime? Just imagine what you could do with this extra time.

So, how do you cut back on your cleaning routine? Being efficient and using deep cleaning techniques will keep your house cleaner for longer.

Use these 4 tips on deep cleaning a house to get the most out of this necessary chore.

1. Pick Up Clutter

One of the best house cleaning hacks is to remove clutter before you begin cleaning. This will ensure that you do not miss any surface areas and trapped dust.

Picking up items will also help you get organized. Also, consider possessions that you can toss, donate, or put in storage to reduce the number of things that require cleaning. Use three trash bags to separate these items as you move from room to room.

2. Focus on Tasks Not Rooms

There are good and bad techniques for how to clean a house. A bad one is cleaning one room at a time, which makes you return to each task again and again. Instead, focus on the task, not the room.

For example, dust your entire home or wipe all the windows all at once. Then you will be finished with the duster or window cleaner and can put it away to move on to your next job.

3. Vacuum or Sweep Then Mop

There are some house cleaning tips that just make sense like vacuuming and sweeping before you mop. This practice gets all the dust, crumbs, and pet hair out of the way before you get the surface wet. If you mop first then you will dirty your water faster and it will take longer to clean your floors.

Also, be sure to dust and wipe down all of your surfaces before vacuuming and mopping. You do not want to add debris to your clean floors, so start at the top and work your way down to the ground.

4. Wash Rugs and Curtains

While you are performing other tasks, have your rugs and curtains in the washing machine. You may find that the causes of bad odor throughout your house are the fabrics that have not been washed all year.

In addition, another tip for how to make a house smell good is to use aroma diffusers like these to add fresh scents to your home. Use the diffuser after your curtains and rugs are clean so they absorb these scents and release them into the air.

Deep Cleaning a House Can Be Rewarding

Although you might view deep cleaning a house as a hassle, think of it as a holistic approach to cleaning. Instead of performing random cleaning tasks that never get your home completely clean, a deep clean offers a full sense of accomplishment. You can now rest and enjoy the fresh air of a hygienic and clutter-free house.

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