Bintan is an island that has two cities, namely Bintan and Tanjung Pinang, which is located very close to Batam Island. Around Bintan, around 3,000 small islands are stretching, starting from Malacca to the South China Sea. Like other tourist islands in Indonesia, Bintan Island is also crowded with tourists from various places, including foreign countries. You don’t need to be confused when going on vacation to Bintan because many tourist attractions can be an option. The beach also saves a lot of beauty that is ready to spoil you.

Here are some of the exotic beach recommendations that you can visit:

  1. Crystal Lagoon.

Crystal Lagoon is a sophisticated recreational lagoon located on the outskirts of the beach and is the largest pool in Southeast Asia. This place is also known as Treasure Bay Bintan, with a pool area of ​​6.4 hectares. This place has beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed from above, and the pond concept here is made to resemble the beach. On the edge of the pool was deliberately made sloping and coated with a white fiber that looked like sea sand. Tourists can walk around with a relaxing walk or use the Segway or Scooter that has been provided.

The water used to fill this pool can reach 115,060,000 liters of sea water that has gone through the distillation stage so that the water becomes very clear. Besides swimming, tourists can also do other activities like kayak, boat rides, and flyboard.

  1. Senggiling beach

Sengging beach is located in the north of Bintan and is located next to the famous Bintan attraction, Lagoi. Although access to reach this place is quite tricky, it still does not reduce tourist interest. To arrive at this place, it can use a road trip with an hour through the city of Tanjung Uban and one and a half hours through the city of Tanjung Pinang. The ecosystem on this beach still looks natural because visitors who come are not like other tourist attractions. The sand on edge is white and feels soft when it comes into contact with the skin. Along the coast is adorned by a large stone to add a panorama in this place.

  1. Trikora beach

The coastline here includes quite long, beautiful views and stretched granite stones that add more exotic. In this place, there are also several lodging lines on the beach and can be used to shelter from sunburn.

In addition to granite stones, some panoramas add to the beauty of this place, namely, mangroves, coconut trees, pine trees, and other natural beauty. Trikora Beach had become a prima donna on the island of Bintan because the white sand spattered 25 kilometers on the northeast coast of this island and the waves were so calm. This beach is actually a combination of four beaches that have a name that is easy to remember. Because the name uses one to four numbers, so it becomes the longest beach in Bintan. When entering the dry season, water on the beach will look so clean and clear.

  1. Lagoi beach

Lagoi Beach is known as a miniature of Singapore State, which is located facing Singapore and Malaysia. This is because first, when someone wants to visit this place to pay using the SGD currency. The name of this place has long been famous in the international arena so that foreign tourists visit through Singapore by crossing directly using Speed ​​Boat and Ferry. Before visitors arrived, they would be presented with beautiful scenery along the way in the form of shrubs and shady trees. However, the waves are not so fast but do not reduce the charm of this place.

  1. White Sands Island

The island is located opposite the island of Bintan, and to arrive at this sand grounded island can use a speed boat. Visitors to these tourist attractions can do various relaxing activities on the beach, diving, and snorkeling. The coral reefs in this area are well cared for, their marine ecosystems are still maintained, and the nuances of the tropical island are still so thick. This is because the island is only inhabited by those who guard this area to keep it beautiful and natural, and in this place, there is also turtle captivity. If visitors come at the right time, they can help release the babies of turtles for the first time to the beach. Baby turtles, commonly called auntie, will step towards the ocean, looking so funny and adorable.

Bintan is like a gem in the western part of Indonesia, with the natural charm of money so charming. Equipped with a luxurious resort, anyone who visits will feel interested in returning to vacation.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bintan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.