Retirement is the most beautiful phase in almost every individual’s life. After a lifetime of tireless perseverance, one finally gets to live on their terms and enjoy the fruits of their labor with the savings that have accrued in the years that have passed by. Retirement is synonymous with merriment, travel, and caprice leaving out all but one- the most crucial element which is an effective retirement income source. Despite having savings, it’s uncertain to predict whether they will be able to sustain one’s requirements until the end.

Retirees are advised to consider their homes as a part of their retirement income source in the following ways:

1. Sell your home

Homeowners can opt to sell their property for a smaller, less expensive alternative. The difference in the amount or the profited amount can be used for financial investments at a fixed rate of interest monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It is also possible to invest this amount into a profitable business that can act as a great source of income throughout retirement. Living in a smaller place can be less expensive as property tax will be lowered.

2. Rent a home

Another way of generating income is to rent one’s house. This is especially beneficial if the property has a good market value. Selling the house and living on rent is a viable option as the money can be used in several ways, one of which is to buy a new home for the sake of investment. This helps to generate a fixed income monthly or perhaps a quarterly one right through one’s retirement phase.

3. Settle overseas

For homeowners residing in one of the more expensive cities in the USA, an option to consider is to settle overseas. This can be facilitated by selling one’s home and settling in the outskirts of the city or any town which is relatively more affordable.

4. Rent out space

Renting out property is an option for homeowners who have space to spare in their homes. This can range from a small space in the basement or perhaps even a bedroom. This might not be as profitable, however, the benefit is that the property stays in the homeowner’s name.

5. Reverse Annuity Mortgage

reverse annuity mortgage is a loan given against the value of the home’s equity. This is given to Senior citizens who are above the age of 62 years. There is no need to pay any installments to the bank. Instead, the bank makes payments on an installment that has to return either after the death of the owner or if the owner wishes to sell that home.

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