Tanning is one of the ways to keep your skin looking young and beautiful. A study by Anne Arundel Dermatology shows that over 35 percent of adults in America and over 17 percent of teenagers have used a tanning bed. A more significant percentage of U.S. citizens have used indoor tanning since it is considered cheaper than visiting a tanning salon. Before tanning, you ought to consult a professional. Listed below are five things you should know about professional tanning solutions.   

1. Prior Preparations to Tanning

There are a few simple guidelines you need to follow before tanning. It would help if you shaved everywhere before visiting a tanning salon or doing indoor tanning. Shaving is considered a minor way of exfoliation.  It also helps remove dead skin cells and hair that can cause blockage of the pray being used.

You are advised to moisturize your skin well two or three days before tanning. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated. Moisturizing also helps you tan to last for longer and makes your skin glow even more.

2. The Lasting Period of a Tan

The bronze color you get after tanning does not last forever, and also it will not fade away immediately.  The tan color will disappear gradually as your body sheds dead skin cells. A spray tan can last for about 5 to 7 days.  A tan from a tanning bed can last up to 10 days. By the time this period elapses, your standard skin color will return.      

3. What To Do After A Tan

One of the main rules of tanning does not shower immediately after tanning. You are required to wait for about six hours before taking a bath. This is to ensure that you do not wash off your tan before it reaches its full color. Naturally, a tan requires about eight to 24 hours to get its full bloom. If you opt to tan using an airbrush, you are required to wait for about 10 to 12 hours before showering.  

Once you take a shower, you need to moisturize well. Moisturizing after a tan is an excellent way to prolong your tan, make your skin glow, and avoid dry skin flaking.  It is also advisable for you not to do any strenuous activity that can lead up to sweating.   

4. Difference Between Self-Tanning and Seeking Professional Tanning Solutions

Both self-tanning and going to a tanning salon are effective ways of tanning, but there are some differences. When self-tanning, you are bound to miss some spots in your body, or your tan might appear uneven. Although self-tanning is considered cheaper than visiting a tanning salon, it is good to get your tan from a professional.  A professional tanner will help you pick a tan color that won’t leave streaks or blotches on your skin. Using a tan bed or airbrushing lasts longer than self-tanning using spray tans.   

5. Give Your Skin a Break of 48-72 Hours Before Tanning Again

Tanning exposes your body to vast amounts of UV rays which can be dangerous if not well taken off. Your body needs time to cool off before another period of exposure to similar to UV rays. Your skin can feel cooled off a few hours after a tan, but your skin layers are still warm.  Giving your skin a break of over 48 hours helps you minimize the risk of skin burning.   

Tanning is one of the best methods to maintain your skin health and keep a glow throughout all seasons. Call Endless Sun Tanning at (201)358-2826 or visit the website for all your professional tanning solutions. We use different personalized tanning techniques and offer UV-free tanning to meet our clients’ needs.