After a tough 2020 that was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 has brought in new hope, new aspirations, and a better future for everyone. People are looking to finish their incomplete tasks, manage their finances better and build a better future. And cashless transactions are here to stay. A credit card can certainly help you fulfil some of these aspirations and dreams.

  1. Go Cashless

In this touch-averse age, especially in the wake of the Corona pandemic, cashless options like an online credit card are a boon. So, when you decide to go for a credit card you are assured of cashless transactions whether online or physical. This not only is convenient but also removes the risk of theft or loss of cash.

  1. Get Reward Points and Attractive Discount Offers

Another reason to switch to credit cards is the reward points available on credit card purchases. These reward points are highly beneficial as they allow credit cardholders to get some good discounts at select stores which may otherwise be out of their reach. Some credit card companies also offer to convert the reward points into cashback and special offers.

  1. Discounts on Travel and Hotel Bookings

With the return to normalcy, the travel industry is likely to witness an uptake. This means the discounts on travel and hotel bookings when you use a credit card are set to make a comeback in 2021. Get ready to enjoy and have a good vacation in 2021. Credit cards also come with attractive offers like free lounge access at various airports or free movie tickets every month.

  1. Upgrade Your Credit Score

Use credit cards in 2021 to build a good credit score for yourself.  Keep the interest free period of the credit card in mind. This involves using your card to make purchases or pay bills but repaying the due amount by the stipulated date to avoid any kind of interest charges. Timely payment of all the credit card and other dues along with a low credit utilisation ratio will help you boost your credit score.

  1. Expand Your Purchasing Power

When you decide to go for a credit card purchase in 2021 you are expanding your purchasing power. You can use a credit card to buy costly items and agreeing to pay the cost in equated monthly instalments or EMIs that are deducted from your credit card monthly. Such purchases are often accompanied by extended warranties too.

Credit cards offer several benefits that can help you manage your finances well. You can continue to pay your bills and other dues during a month via credit cards even if your salary has been delayed. Full documentation of transactions carried out through credit cards allows you to study and analyse them and control or modify them if needed. So, join the bandwagon and switch to using credit cards in 2021. But remember to use them in a disciplined manner and pay all dues on time to reap all the benefits associated with their usage.