Has your online store reached a plateau when it comes to sales? No matter what kind of products you offer, increasing the sales of your ecommerce business is not as easy as some would have you believe.

However, it is very much doable — you just need to know the right things to do. So here are some tips to help you up your sales growth in no time.

Use Email Marketing

In ecommerce, growing your email list constantly is an absolute must. While Google, Facebook, and other platforms can change their policies overnight, you are in control of your email list. Nothing can touch it.

People can subscribe on your landing page, via a pop-up window, and in many other ways. Once you have them on the list, you can create a careful email marketing campaign to woo them into buying your stuff.

Something as simple as sending out welcome emails can be widely effective. On average, the open rate of this kind of email is 50%, which is significantly higher than for newsletters. So try different tactics and see what works.

Optimize for mCommerce

The global share of mobile commerce purchases in ecommerce is a staggering 67.2%. So everyone and their grandma is buying stuff via smartphones and other mobile devices. This means that your site needs to be optimized for mobile.

Your design needs to be simple and user-friendly, and your customers should be able to enjoy mobile payment processing with no problems.

Desktop and mobile users expect different things, so have a professional take care of the mobile version of your site. If you fail to take care of this aspect, you’ll be leaving serious money on the table.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

Cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating issues ecommerce owners face. Studies show that three out of four visitors leave the site without completing the purchase. They do so for various reasons, such as high shipping costs, a complicated checkout process, lack of payment methods, etc.

You can eliminate many of these reasons. For example, you can make your checkout process ridiculously simple. What’s more, you can also make purchases possible without the user having to create an account.

Abandoned cart emails are another popular strategy. You can use them to remind customers of what they left in the cart and incentivize them to buy it with coupons and limited-offer discounts.

Use Chatbots

The fact that 50% of businesses intend to spend more on chatbots than mobile apps shows just how important they have become. This is partly due to the fact that people enjoy communicating through messaging apps rather than using other methods.

Ecommerce is a particularly fruitful field for AI bot implementation. These bots can assist your customers in purchases, recommend products based on their interests, automate order placement, upsell, and much more.

They are also highly customizable. For example, Servisbot AI platform makes it easy to customize your bots and tailor them to your specific needs. This way, you don’t have to settle for a generic option. Instead, you’ll have an AI assistant fully representative of your brand.

Know Your Buyer Personas

This piece of advice is pretty obvious, but it’s surprising how many ecommerce owners don’t do enough research into their customers. You need to go into great detail about your buyer personas, figure out their pain points as well as their selling points.

This research needs to be ongoing as it will help you perfect your selling techniques. You can do this using polls and surveys, user-testing new products, scrutinizing your reviews for key phrases, running experiments, analyzing user data, etc.

You need to know exactly who these people are, what they want, and how you can give it to them.

Focus on Your Best Products

If you’re the kind of business whose profits mostly come from a select few products, focus on those products. It will take you much less time and work to grow your sales of already popular items than those that hardly sell at all.

So focus 80% of your efforts on the top sellers, and let them do the magic for you. This way, you’re much more likely to get users to check out your less popular products as well.

These tips are just some ideas you can use to improve your sales, but you can experiment with changes to your heart’s content. The most important thing is to never stop exploring, inquiring, and trying new things to increase your sales.