Studies indicate that couples who are happier do so when they have large doses of affection, complicity, communication, and experience sexuality positively.

On the other hand, couples who barely have complicity (they live together but hardly pay attention and no contact) can hardly express affection. Coupled with negative communication and poor sexual life, have more difficulties to continue together.

Studies indicate that the rate of separations and divorces increases because these factors mentioned before are missing. Here are 5 ways to keep your relationship healthy

1. Honesty

Undress emotionally to discover the weak points you need to change or transform. There is no other way than communication. You both need to be willing to do it in a relaxed environment free from interruptions.

Sit down to talk, not just one day; every day, you need to open up. Try to resolve and rescue the good in the relationship and the negative, solve it in the best possible way.

Talk about the relationship’s strengths, the good and the positive (What unites you as a couple)

Talking about what you don’t like, anger and hurt (What separates or distances you as a couple)

Talk about the emotions you feel, from the pleasant to the unpleasant.

Make authentic and detailed proposals for change— a written list of change proposals and a list of short-term commitments regarding these proposals.

2. Spend more time together

Sharing moments in solitude will help you rekindle the spark. Go out to dinner, take a walk, and just go see a movie at the cinema. You can also tell your relatives to take care of your children on the weekend and be alone at home (if you have kids).

You have two hours to have dinner with your partner, so forget about your mobile. Take the opportunity to enjoy a good conversation, look into each other’s eyes, caress each other, smile, and talk about exclusively pleasant and positive topics.

3. Dose of love

Even if you are not a romantic person and it is difficult for you to express it, you must keep in mind: that a relationship needs to be nurtured by love, and if you do not want to call it love, maybe it affection.

It is scientifically proven that affective language in the relationship is an essential element and all human beings.

Each couple is different and has their functional language, but don’t forget that you have several ways to communicate love:

* Use words that enhance affection: I like you or love you, I like being with you.

Skip the conventions and remember what you said to your partner when you met. Take up these words or phrases that are enlightened and even make your partner laugh.

Or make up new words or phrases that touch your heart and still have fun. A relationship does not work and is boring when flooded with coldness, seriousness, and rationality squared.

* Make your senses speak and express love to your partner: look, touch, smell, taste, and listen.

4. Count on your partner

For the couple to survive, they also need complicity. So you have to support each other. It is essential to seek moments of collaboration and cooperation.

The couple is like a sports team, to win a championship or reach the goal, you have to do it together.

They have taught us to be individualistic, arrogant, challenging, and not bend over backward (Ego to the max). In a relationship, you need flexibility, union, cooperation, and no pride to solve problems.

5. Make changes in sexual life

If you lack spark, you lack the desire, or there is not good communication. You need to find more moments of intimacy.

* Do not make excuses: and start talking about it. Stay alone at home for a day (the children may be at the home of their grandparents or other relatives). Ask yourself what aspects you need to improve in terms of thoughts, feelings, and sexual life behaviors.

*How do you communicating during intimacy, and do you feel comfortable? What you do individually, to improve and change? And make proposals and commitments for change.

*Always positive intention: look for the positive, fun, and happy side of your new honeymoon. You can also be complicit in the creation of your new honeymoon.

Bonus tip: All-inclusive couples therapy retreat or group therapy

We are used to therapy only when things go wrong. Still, it is interesting to go every so often to put some problems that may have arisen on the table. Or to work on some aspect of the relationship. In an all-inclusive couples retreat, you learn a lot from other couples and practice activities that strengthen the relationship. Please visit for more details!