Looking for steel fabricators in Melbourne to supply you with steel structures for your next construction project in Melbourne? The steel fabricators industry fulfils all the steel requirements from a home renovator to high end builders or even a DIY expert.

The standard steel frames are fabricated and stored in warehouses, so that even a short notice order can be easily handled. Their services range from customized metal fabrication, precision cutting to galvanizing their steel products. These steel fabricators offer a one stop shop for all the structural steel products required in construction, at a complete value for money. The general steel supplies available with the fabricators are:

  1. Flat, square, or round solid steel bars
  2. Galvanized and painted steel pipes
  3. Steel and dur gal angles
  4. Rectangular or Square Hollow Section
  5. Universal beams and columns
  6. Channels
  7. Coated steel sheets
  8. Galvanized brick angle lintels
  9. Concrete and trench mesh
  10. Reo rods

Home Renovators

With the huge range of structural steel products mentioned above, the fabricating companies have become the first point of contact of all the local builders of Melbourne. Their steel products are galvanized, help in retaining wall support, the pipes, beams, and columns are cut to specification and the concrete mesh and accessories are duly supplied.

The smaller projects and home renovations are also given equal importance, by supplying a massive range of general steel supplies to them, when ordered. The general supplies include universal columns and beams, pipes, steel sheets, angle iron or sections etc. All these products are fabricated according to the specifications of the engineer appointed by the homeowner.

Builders’ Pride

In the construction business, it is imperative that the material used in the building of a structure is sourced from reliable suppliers. Steel lintels are vital in providing additional support above the doors and windows of a building. Galvanized and primed angle steel lintels in Melbourne for bricklaying are procured by the builders from renowned steel fabricators locally.

If you are planning to build or renovate in brick, the steel brick lintels that you choose in the construction, even though not visible, will hold the entire structure together for you. A flat steel bar does not always suffice if the window, doorway, or a brick span stand at a height of even over a meter. For a greater long-life support, galvanized steel angle lintels are put in place.

Lasting Steel Brick Lintels

The steel lintels are made in accordance with Australian building standards, in a wide range of sizes and thickness which can be further cut to those dimensions that suit the on-site requirement.

The galvanization process is done using Hot Dip Galvanization technique, in which the outer layer of zinc that provides protection to the lintel against corrosion is equivalent to the stainless steel but are priced cheaply too. The t-joint and angled lintel bars are made as per the standard housing industry size requirements only.

Instant Steel Solutions is the complete shop for manufacturers for their project supply of steel lintels in Melbourne.