The United States of America is, undoubtedly, has been one of the most influential and well-known countries today. They’ve also had their fair share of accomplishments and unique traits. Did you know that you might pay homage to those accomplishments and qualities through emojis?

Here are some emojis that remind us of the United States of America. Use these emojis to represent your patriotic and undying love for the USA.

The American Flag Emoji

What can get more American other than the American flag? The American flag also has an emoji that you can use for all situations. If you want to be patriotic and show how patriotic you are, you can tweet, text, or use the American flag as a caption. By then, people will know how you truly love your country!

The American flag emoji or the United States flag emoji comes with the emoji design of a flag of the United States itself. It is distinguishable as all platforms do not add any flair or twist to the flag. Expect or look for the same red, white, and blue United States flag on any platform you are using.

Face With Cowboy Hat Emoji

Giddy up, cowboy! Cowboys are one thing that America is well-known for. What better way to describe America than the lifestyle that used to, and maybe even now, dominate the country. 

The Face With Cowboy Hat emoji is the perfect emoji to use to represent America. You could send this emoji to convey adventure, confidence, and the embodiment of the American dream!

The Face With Cowboy Hat emoji comes with a design of a regular yellow emoji face with a cowboy hat. You could find that this emoji looks the same as the Grinning Face With Big Eyes emoji, only that this emoji has a brown leather cowboy hat on the top of its head.

Eagle Emoji

The National Emblem of the USA is the bald eagle. The bald eagle is one of the majestic birds of prey that has brown feathers with a white head. You could use this animal emoji to describe your patriotic love for your country. Use it in any of your Instagram captions, tweets, and other social media platforms.

The eagle emoji looks virtually the same across different platforms. However, Google has the most distinctive eagle emoji because its wings are tucked in as if it is on a branch. Twitter also shows this eagle emoji with only the bust of an eagle.

American Football Emoji

Hut one! Hut two! Hut three! For sure, no other place or region in the World that people play football through yards, tackles, and the majestic quarterback throws. American football is a sport that is uniquely found in the country itself. And you should know that the drill by game day is barbeques, beer, and to flood the social media thread with the American football emoji.

The American football emoji has a traditional American football ball design that has a slight tilt to it. You could use this emoji to go with other emojis such as the beer emojis and different emojis representing game day and American football.

Statue Of Liberty Emoji

The Statue of Liberty emoji is the perfect emoji to use if it’s your first time in New York. Without a doubt, the city of New York is one place that all of us fantasize about living in or maybe experience one day. And, when that day comes, you can use the Statue of Liberty emoji in your Instagram caption, tweet, or Facebook post!

The Statue of Liberty emoji has a lot of variations among different platforms. However, you can still easily distinguish the Statue of Liberty, even if some platforms depict a bust or a full emoji version of Lady Liberty.

Baseball Emoji

Baseball is also a sport that Americans are fond of. If you love Baseball and you religiously follow the Baseball season, then the Baseball emoji should be a staple for you. You can use the Baseball emoji to refer to the American sport that is filled with history. 

Baseball is also a well-known sport in other countries like Japan. But the biggest Baseball league in the World is, without a doubt, the USA. The Baseball emoji comes in with a Baseball design that also has a slight tilt to the left. It is also virtually the same on all platforms; only some platforms do not have the emoji’s light tilt.


These America-inspired emojis are perfect for American holidays like Independence day. Now you know the ideal emojis to use on Independence day to showcase your patriotic love for your country. 

Some of these emojis are also perfect for American occasions, such as a game day. With these emojis, you’ll never run out of a way to be patriotic, even on social media, text, chat, or any other digital platform.