Knowing how to arrange your terrace or balcony is essential because it is an integral part of a house or an apartment: its decoration and fittings are very important and give life to your exterior.

It is indeed a real living room in its own right, especially as soon as the heat comes to the fore. Ah the beautiful summer evenings on the terrace to enjoy a drink (in moderation), with friends, or as a couple! Soak up the sunshine to relax outside and dive into your favorite book, a cup of tea or coffee in your hand. Or quite simply, take a nap to perfect your tan.

It is possible to create a terrace in your image, with these few tips and décoration advice, so that you can spend a relaxing summer filled with beautiful moments.

Offer a bench on your terrace

As we said previously, arranging your terrace as a separate room in the house is the best way to extend your living space. Balconies or terraces can extend these with an additional living room, like a flowered and cozy veranda.

Install a bench, a sofa area with a small coffee table to structure your terrace and create a real outdoor living room, an appreciable and relaxing cocoon of life.

You can coordinate your indoor and outdoor spaces by arranging a bench seat in your terrace that reminds you of your sofa.  The color, the shape, the style, these characteristics can be echoed on each side of your home.

You can also choose two completely different atmospheres between your terrace and your living room by choosing a bench that is completely opposed to your sofa: a more original effect.

The main thing is that your outdoor furniture is as comfortable and useful to you as possible.

Provide a functional garden lounge for all

Having the possibility of creating a small outdoor room is a real pleasure. Think of your garden furniture as a useful and refreshing living room with weather-resistant furniture that is, above all, practical to move.  Indeed, depending on the layout of your terrace, you will surely have to move this type of furniture often. Whether for the winter period, or just to make room.

Garden furniture begins with a small table where you will begin to arrange your garden furniture around. You need a space so that you can eat your meals easily and why not work with the soft rays of the sun on you.

After you have decided on the central location of your garden furniture where you will start to arrange your garden furniture around.  A bench or deckchairs  facing south, a storage unit at the corner of your terrace, it’s up to you to decide the most practical places for the location of your garden furniture.

Another “garden furniture” idea is to position some outdoor furniture such as an ottoman, an armchair or an outdoor sofa as an extension of your indoor living room. This tip is ideal for a living room opening onto your terrace via a bay window. Play with objects by arranging your terrace to forget the separation inside / outside.

The terrace is the relaxation area of your house

Well sheltered from bad weather, arrange your terrace as a real living room. Decorative frames, designer lamps (always sheltered from rain and humidity of course), colored or pastel vases, decorative objects of all kinds. Take out your interior items or do a little shopping to personalize your terrace !