An Instagram influencer with 10,000 followers can earn around $88 a post. Up your following to 100,000 and you can earn near $200 a post. Influencers with a million followers are earning around $670 per post. 

Instagram has opened the door to many different opportunities that anyone can take advantage of. All you need to do is learn how to become an influencer. An established social media influencer might make the job look easy enough, but there’s more to being Instagram famous than one might think. 

If it were simple, everyone would be making money. It takes commitment, dedication, and a lot of hard work, but we’re here to help! In the guide below, you’ll find a few tips and tricks for becoming an Instagram influencer. 

Continue reading below to get started. 

Determine Your Niche 

To build a strong social media presence, you need to have a specific niche that you’re interested in. This is the niche that you’re going to invest in on your Instagram page. Take some time to think about the things you enjoy the most. 

This could be art, fitness, fashion, or something else. Once you decide what your niche is, you then want to create an Instagram account that revolves around this one specific niche. It’s easier to build a following when you focus on one specific niche with a smaller audience rather than trying to reach a larger audience with no direction.

After locking in your niche, you can then conduct some research about that niche and the type of audience that comes with it.

Find Your Target Audience

There are a couple of ways you can find your target audience. One of the first ways is to find other Instagram accounts similar to yours. Try to find ones with a large following and see what type of people are commenting and interacting with the account. 

Where do these people live? What’s their income? What’s their gender and age? 

Understanding your target audience allows you to create a social media marketing strategy that’s geared towards those specific people. Another way to find out who your target audience is would be to switch your Instagram account to a business account and use the insight tools. 

Instagram provides business accounts with insights on many things, including information about your target audience. 

Switch to a Business Account

Switching to a business account does much more for you than giving you these insights. Having access to the insights tools is essential because you can learn what posts are doing well and which ones aren’t. You can figure out who your followers are and when they’re the most active online.

Switching to a business account also makes your account public, which is also crucial to influencer success. Without a public account, Instagram users won’t be able to find your page using related hashtags or the explore page. 

Keep your account public so users from all over the globe can access your page if discovered. 

Post Valuable Content

Keeping your followers interested is necessary but not always easy. You need to know what they want to see and then post that content on a regular basis. What’s valuable content? 

Valuable content is a post, reel, story, or IG TV video that brings some type of value to your target audience. The content you post might answer a question that many followers have asked. The content might show or discuss a topic that your followers want to learn more about. 

A good way to figure out what’s valuable content to your followers is to ask! You can ask questions on a story using a question or poll sticker to make things easier. 

Create a Posting Schedule 

Staying consistent is key. You can’t post once every month or so and expect your followers to stay interested in your account. You need to provide them with valuable content on a regular basis. 

There’s no one right answer to how often you should post on Instagram. However, there are a few guidelines you can stick to. You should post at least three times a week to start building a following. 

Post on your story every single day, even multiple times a day, to get their attention. Don’t post on your feed more than once a day though. Stick to one well-done feed post per day at the most. 

Engage With Your Followers

If you want to build a relationship with your followers, then you need to engage with them. When you post stories, reels, and other content, pay close attention to the comment section or replies. What are your followers saying or asking?

Do your best to engage with them as much as you can. Once you start building a large following, it may be difficult to respond to everyone, but you should put in some type of effort to respond to a good amount of comments. Make sure they know that you value their opinions and appreciate their support. 

Build Your Following

Building an Instagram following doesn’t happen overnight. It requires you to do all of the above and stick to it. With valuable and quality content on a consistent basis, you’ll soon see your follower count grow. 

What you want to do is stay away from cutting corners and trying to gain followers quickly. Paying for fake followers can actually negatively impact your Instagram account. Instead, use the helpful tips found in this guide and grow your followers organically. 

Making your account discoverable and collaborating with other brands and influencers are two great ways of doing this. 

Becoming an Instagram Influencer Starts Right Here

There’s so much more to becoming an Instagram influencer than simply posting a few photos here and there. To become a successful Instagram celebrity, you must determine your niche, know your target audience, and post high-quality content on a regular basis that brings value to your followers. 

With the right advice in mind, you’ll see your followers grow in no time. To find more tech, business, and lifestyle posts, continue to check back here often.