Property management is a demanding job, and many homeowners’ associations (HOAs) find it hard to run things efficiently. The HOA is in charge of keeping up the standards of community living and ensure enforcement of governing laws, rules, and regulations. At the end of the day, however, it still is about residents ordering other residents, and that often creates conflict. More communities are now hiring Phoenix HOA management companies, which can handle all the relevant tasks and manage the association better. As in any industry, not all services are same, and it is relevant to do some initial research. Here are some things to consider before hiring an HOA management service. 

Services on offer

HOA management involves diverse range of tasks, right from financial management and budgeting, to collections, payments, and property maintenance. You need to find a company that is more comprehensive. Eventually, it is about having expertise on your side, and the more an HOA management company can do, the better. 

Define your requirements

Before you hire a company, consider the requirements. The HOA board of directors have the right to decide on the tasks and to what extent they want to outsource, and that should help in creating boundaries. For instance, an association may choose to just outsource property maintenance and retain other tasks for members. It is important to define the scope of work. 


If an HOA management company claims that they have worked for years in Phoenix, they should have enough clients. The clientele of the service is an imperative aspect to consider, and you can ask for references. It is also necessary to consider if the concerned company has the time and resources to add to their existing payload. 

Bespoke and advanced solutions

A lot of the regular HOA management work is now done on tech. From security and payroll, to accounting and collection of dues, everything can be automated and controlled, and the solutions cannot be same for every HOA. Find a service that can customize their offerings for your association. They should be able to offer optimized and affordable solutions for specific concerns. 


Eventually, HOA management is about efficiency and costing, although hiring a company just for the price alone is never a good idea. Consider what you get by working with a local HOA management service, and if they are the right fit for your association’s long-term needs. 

You can find a list of local HOA management services in Phoenix online.