17 Aug 2022

Why Canadian Drug Imports Are a Political Issue 

Joe Biden spent time on the presidential campaign trail talking about his support for importing Canadian drugs as a means of lowering prescription drug prices for American consumers. However, his support has not yet translated into action. That, despite pressure by politicians like Florida Governor…

Is forex trading legal in Malaysia

Is forex trading legal in Malaysia? 

Forex trading creates a bit of a debate around traders and investors. Is it legal? Can we do it? Is it profitable? What’s the risk? Forex trading, which is the exchange of one foreign currency for another, opens doors of opportunities to traders interested in…


10 Considerable Travel Gifts For 2021 

Shopping for a person whose niche is traveling can be a challenge at best. Buying flight tickets is little costly and ignoring unwanted things is hard. Coupon.ae offers thoughtful inspirations with Amazon coupon code UAE to anyone who is shopping travel gifts for people back…