A hidden double eyelid (ตา สอง ชั้น หลบ ใน; which is the term in Thai) is a crease on the skin over the eye. Some People have these double eyelids even with birth, or after passing the adolescent period. Some don’t have double eyelids. But, in today’s era, it is convenient for every person to get these double eyelids, if they have any problem in vision, or for cosmetic reasons. 

Double eyelid surgery includes two procedure techniques. These techniques are incisional and non-incisional technique procedures. In the incisional technique, the procedure involved related to getting a permanent double eyelid over the eyelid skin. Through removing the extra fat and tissues above the eyelid. This involves a surgery process with marking lines, cutting, and stitching the skin over the eyelid. Also, these stitches need to be removed after four to five days of surgery.

The other type of hidden double eyelid removal is a non-incisional technique procedure. In this technique, the procedure involved performing a suture technique. In the suture method, a wound is repaired instead of closing the wound through stitching. Thus, this suture technique under the non-incisional technique procedure involved repairing the eyelid.

Hence, creating the double eyelid through this non-incisional technique can be reversed. This is not done for the permanent period, i.e., the double eyelid through non-incisional technique remains last for five to seven years.

Well, permanent creases can make your eye appear beautiful and larger and allow clear vision. But, if there is a reason for getting double eyelids for cosmetic reasons or styling, makeup, and temporary reasons. Then, you need to consult a doctor for a healthy procedure. To get rid of the double eyelid over time, surgery with a non-incisional technique is taken into consideration. The surgery for getting such a double eyelid should be performed according to the skin type and category involved for such skin type.


Hidden Double eyelid surgery must be performed by an expert surgeon of skin and eye. So, that future consequences are well-known to the patient and doctor. Also, after surgery, what a patient expects must be the result. Moreover, if the patient expects to get rid of such a double eyelid after four to five years,  the surgery should be possible for them. To get rid of the double eyelid, the patient must be checked for their allergies, prescribed medicines, their medical history, and preexisting conditions. Lastly, to get rid of the double eyelid, it is necessary to know the type of technique used and then, to open sutures that are done for a temporary period.