Using subtitles or an instructor to watch series in the native language is a great way to learn a new language. Watching series is one of the fastest ways to learn a language because it combines a variety of useful terms and phrases with a vibrant context created by the visual nature of the video content.

Non-native Chinese speakers who have learned the language admit that it is similar to running a marathon, a time-consuming process.Despite the fact that they have tried a variety of methods, such as making friends with native Chinese speakers and attempting to converse in Chinese. Almost all of them agree that ซีรี่ย์จีน happens to be the most practicalmethod of knowing the language since it permits them for learning the numerous accents and speaking habits of various groups of people.A student learning a new language advances through three stages: Intermediate, Elementary, and Advanced.

Chinese series for Basic learners

Because the majority of series are geared toward experienced and native speakers, there is a dearth of series to watch and learn the language from. Furthermore, students who are learning a language at the elementary level are best able to understand the structure of sentences and the simple words that are used in them.As a result, the children’s series are the best place to begin. Some of the “kids” series, on the other hand, contain advanced expressions and vocabulary that may be difficult for elementary students to grasp.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, as well as The Big Head Son and Little Head Father, are two series recommended for elementary and lower-intermediate Chinese students. The shows include Chinese greeting phrases and words, as well as a variety of grammatical structures commonly used in exclamatory and imperative sentences.Due to the lack of subtitles, the series should be watched under the supervision of a teacher after new expressions are introduced in class.

Chinese series for IntermediaryChinese learners

When a student is in the intermediate stage of learning, he or she must be familiar with Chinese culture and traditions. This is best learned by observing cultural elements in people’s daily lives in China. Learners can improve their language skills and gain a better understanding of Chinese culture by spending time at home with their children. The series gives viewers an inside look at how a Chinese family goes about their daily lives.The viewer may gain bragging rights as a local after watching this series. The series includes some slang used by teenagers, which enhances the learning experience. Because the series is set in Beijing, it aids the learner in memorising Beijing-specific terms. i-Partment is another series that can be beneficial to intermediate-level Chinese learners.Students can watch the series on their own or with the assistance of an instructor because they will have a good understanding of Chinese vocabulary and grammar.

Chinese series for Progressive Learners of Chinese

Advanced language learners may be interested in putting their understanding of social issues series and shows to the test. A good command of advanced Chinese vocabulary and grammar is required to watch such a high-end series.Informal Talks, a series in which non-native Chinese speakers converse in Chinese about various global issues from their perspective, is a highly recommended series for advanced Chinese learners.