Cushions come in various shapes and sizes and are commonly used for decoration or functional use that is, to add comfort to chairs. With the trend of having more life and personality to spaces, the cushions have evolved to play a part in this crucial part. Hence the need to find cushions that will meet this role. Therefore, depending on what type of cushion you want to use, you may find yourself opting for designer cushions since they bring out the warmth and splendor of a given space.

There are different types of cushions such as chair cushions, bench cushions, church pew cushions, window seat cushions, rocking chair cushions, wicker furniture cushions, and deep seating cushions. Depending on what kind of cushions you want to work with there are a few factors you may want to consider while choosing the right designer cushions.

  1. The texture of the cushion

Depending on what kind of feeling you want the cushions to bring out such as warmth or even a welcoming feeling, the type of smoothness or roughness of the cushion will assist in accentuating that feeling within that space. So one can look out for either woven fabrics or even quilted cases. The texture of materials may come in silk, rayon or wool, and many more.

  1. The pattern of the cushion

The patterns on a cushion tend to bring out the personality and style of the space. It could show that there is boldness or there is a risk taken, or even that there is some subtleness. You could go for graphic patterns, floral patterns, animal prints, 3D patterns, or even patterns with different symmetry. As long as it is a pattern that merges well with the space around it.

  1. The material of the cushions

Ensure you check on the materials used to make the cushions because you may want a cushion that is not only stylish but durable. You should identify cushions made from high-quality fabric. Find cushions that are soft but also firm since each type of cushion plays a crucial role in supporting different parts of the body as well. Cushions made of materials that are durable and of good quality will serve their purpose for a long period and therefore you get value for money. Stores such as Ferm Living, offer a great variety of cushions with exceptional quality and high-quality fabric.

Color of the cushions

Use of color trends to make a space come alive. Color brings out the image that we want others to see and it shows who we are from the inside. One can use either bold or bright colors, or even contrast using various colors and this should cause the space to come to life.


Choosing designer cushions should not be a nuisance. Instead, it should be delight to look forward to, since these cushions have a more personal touch added to them and therefore one should enjoy finding what design works best for them.