Living in the modern world is something that is a big deal, considering many health problems in history or in the past were difficult to be diagnosed and treated. If you ask a doctor, you will know that there are probably thousands of medications that exist or have existed in the world of medicine. We should be lucky and grateful that many medications nowadays are safe and reliable. Medicine may also be in many forms that makes it easier and functional to be used to treat many health conditions. We will learn about enalapril throughout this article.

Enalapril is a drug belonging to the class of ACE inhibitors. Main way ACE inhibitors work is by disrupting the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS). The RAAS system is responsible for blood pressure regulation. ACE inhibitors inhibit the conversion of angiotensin I to become angiotensin II. Angiotensin II is a substance that causes narrowing of the blood vessels. ACE inhibitors in general help to treat diseases caused by blood vessels dysfunction or problems. Thus, ACE inhibitors help to improve blood vessel function and blood circulation.

Enalapril is commonly used to treat chronic hypertension and heart failure. Doctors may prescribe enalapril to heart failure with symptoms or no symptoms to decrease mortality and morbidity associated. It is also used in treatment of hypertensive emergency and hypertensive urgency which both can be life-threatening to patients. Beside these, some doctors may prescribe enalapril to prevent heart attack and kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy) in those with diabetes.

Enalapril is commonly found in tablet form. Enalapril can be in the form of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg tablets. Dose of enalapril can be different to a person and another depending on the condition. Dose can be as small as 2.5 mg a day to 40 mg daily. Patients often start enalapril with the low dose before the dose is increased to the optimal effective dose. This increase is slow over a few weeks and will depend on the patient’s response. Such steps are important to ensure medicine works effectively while causing less to no side effects.

Enalapril tablets are usually taken once a day. Patients are encouraged to take enalapril at the same time of the day to help patients remember taking it everyday. This also will help the body to maintain the optimal drug needed in the body to work effectively. Patients need to always follow all directions or advice from their healthcare provider when taking enalapril. It is important for patients to keep taking enalapril as instructed even if they feel well. Enalapril may take weeks or months before patients feel better and can see significant reduction in high blood pressure. Enalapril may start to lower the high blood pressure within hours.

Does enalapril come in intravenous solution? Yes. However, enalapril often exists as enalaprilat when it is in intravenous solution. Enalapril when given orally is converted to release enalaprilat through hydrolyzation process in the liver. Thus, the usage of enalapril through intravenous solution via enalaprilat form ensures the medication can work well and faster. Intravenous solution is given when oral medicine is impractical. Dose for administration through intravenous is 1.25 to 5 mg per 6 hours. Every country has its own specific guidelines on how to use this intravenous solution product.

Similar to many other medicines, enalapril does come with possible side effects. Common side effects are dry cough, dizziness, headache, skin rash, blurred vision and fatigue. These side effects should be mild and may be anticipated during the start of taking enalapril but it should go away and only for a short time. However, if side effects get worse or do not disappear, it is best to talk with healthcare providers. Allergy reactions or signs of liver problems such as yellowing tinge skin or to the white part of the eye, are side effects that can be dangerous and this will need patients to get emergency care. Side effects such as breathing difficulty and swelling to the body after taking enalapril should also be considered as serious problems needing immediate medical attention.

Patients who are taking other medications should notify their doctor so that the doctor can assess the possibility of drug interaction that could be harmful. Patients with medical conditions should let their doctor know about their condition to avoid worsening side effects.

It can be concluded that enalapril is a type of ACE inhibitor that is used to treat heart failure and hypertension. Doctors may prescribe enalapril to prevent heart attacks, stroke and kidney problems. It is best to follow all advice and instructions given by doctors when taking enalapril. Any unwanted side effects should be checked by a doctor. Patients should not stop taking enalapril because of possible side effects or unwanted effects without discussing it with their doctor. Patients need to take enalapril regularly even when they feel well. Apart from taking enalapril medicine, patients should always strive to have a healthy and active lifestyle.