Known as Big Sky Country, Montana is the fourth-largest state in America. The mountainous state is home to Yellowstone National Park and picturesque countrysides, and it has a population of more than one million inhabitants.

It can be hard to imagine that in such a beautiful state, staggering drug issues challenge its residents’ well-being. Montana saw a 547 percent rise in drug arrests made by the highway patrol between 2010 and 2015. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, 90 percent of convicts incarcerated in Montana is charged with addiction-related offenses.

Family members and friends of an individual who is suffering from a substance use disorder or addiction to drugs or alcohol should know that effective help is available at Montana drug and alcohol treatment centers for those who seek recovery.

Montana Addiction Rehab Programs

Montana drug addiction treatment programs offer varying levels of support. These programs are designed to address any physical dependency or withdrawal symptoms and help the person recover physically, mentally, and emotionally from substance abuse.

Which addiction treatment programs an individual participates in are dependent on the nature and severity of the addiction as well as how well the person responds to treatment. Montana drug rehab programs can provide clinical assessments and tailor programs based on an individual’s personal needs.

Intervention Services

A friend or family member may want to arrange an intervention for a loved one who does not recognize the harm that substance abuse poses to their health and comfort.

Rehabs in Montana have interventionists who can help organize and hold a meeting with the person in question to address their substance abuse and request that they enter treatment. Professionally led interventions have a very high success rate in getting persons to seek treatment for addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

For most people, drug and alcohol detoxification is the initial step toward recovery from addiction. During detoxification, the substance is withheld, and the body starts to adjust to sobriety.

Round-the-clock support and medical care might be needed to assist the person detox. Certain substances, like opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol, can cause a person to experience strong withdrawal symptoms when the substance is withheld. Many individuals who attempt to detox on their own end up returning to substance use simply to make the withdrawal symptoms stop.

Residential Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab programs provide therapy, medication, and support in an immersive, sober setting. Clients live onsite for the duration of treatment, which allows access to round-the-clock care and distances clients from triggers that might result in relapse.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient drug rehabs in Montana offer less-intensive care than inpatient addiction treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment is often used as a step-down level of care for clients who have just finished an inpatient program but would benefit from further structure and support.

Clients in outpatient Montana drug rehabs participate in therapy sessions and group activities during the day and return home or to a sober living facility in the evenings.