Gone are days, when driving with disabilities used to be challenging and unsafe. In today’s 21st century, people with limited mobility can conveniently and safety drives on road without anyone’s assistance. No one wants to be depended on their family or friends for moving around. Most of the reputable wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturers offer reliable mobility car loaded with latest comfort, safety and entertainment features at affordable price so that maximum people with differ types of disabilities can enjoy freedom of movement. Nowadays everyone can conveniently search for wheelchair vans for sale on the reliable and user-friendly website of the reputable wheelchair vehicle sell, service and installation providers.

On the various other end of the range from digital controls for those with minimal top body ability are driving control systems that permit people with restricted reduced extremity use to brake as well as increase a mobility van by means of a hand-operated control system. Hand controls for the emergency brake and manual transmission clutch are additionally readily available. Features such as speed can be modified to be operated through the left foot if necessary, as well as there are additionally guards to obstruct the accelerator as well as brake controls from unintentional use while hand controls for these functions remain in place.

Things to consider

Some people might think that they have to compromise with whatever models, style or makes available but for their surprise today’s marketplace has ample of options for all needs and budget. Consider certain aspects beforehand and then take informed decision

  • Determine the features and seating capacity such as plenty of seating for ambulatory and non-ambulatory family members, room for extra equipment
  • Think about entry and exit such as side entry or rear entry
  • Check the measurement of width of the ramp, entrance height and Wheelchair position total space
  • Read the reviews in reliable forum and ensure durable, dependable and fuel-efficient vehicle

Compare the price

Price is a big factor that influences the purchase decision but it is advisable to choose quality over price. Compare the price of few reputable brands and then choose the best deal. Always go for test drive before taking final decision and make sure that you are comfortable with all the features. Like all other vehicles the performance of the wheelchair van largely depends on its maintenance hence be aware of the wheelchair van’s regular and preventive maintenance schedule and enjoy your vehicle for long time.