A busy lifestyle consumes a lot of effort and prevents pet owners from fulfilling all their duties. Very often, the pet parents get too irritated by the workweek and the children realize there’s a problem with their dog. As more responsibilities accumulate, pet parents lose concentration, and dogs suffer because of it. Below are the five signs your dog is not getting enough attention.

Increased Sleep

Increased sleep is a sign that the dog is sad and wants more attention. Dogs are more productive than any other animal. When you recognize that the dog is sleeping far more than usual, it is essential for the you to organize some time to spend with the dog and improve the mood of your canine companion.

Extra-long Nails

If your dog’s nails have grown to the point where you will hear them clack when the dog walks on hard surfaces, then it is a clear sign that you are ignoring their health.  If you take your dog out for daily walks on the pavement, you’ll see that the activity will naturally trim their nails. In addition, trimming your dog’s nails should be part of the normal canine grooming routine. So make sure your dog’s paws don’t end up looking like scary claws.

Acting Out

If your pet starts to stay indoors, consult your vet to rule out a medical problem. Otherwise, they’re probably stressed out and need more attention from you. If they become destructive or troublesome while you’re at work, they may be sad and lonely. Ensure that they have enough daily exercise and mental stimulation through games; take into account animal daycare, if necessary.

Poor Appetite

A sudden change in appetite justifies a visit to your vet to rule out serious medical problems. If there is no medical reason for a change, it may signify that your dog feels anxious, miserable or neglected. Dogs depend on their routine to feel safe and secure, so manage to keep their meals on a fixed schedule. Offering a play session or walking afterwards as a reward for consistent eating is a powerful motivator.

Having Fleas Or Ticks

This is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen to any dog if you don’t give them proper attention and care. Dogs, when left alone visit the places where there are chances of getting infected from fleas or ticks. Prevent flea infestation with regular treatments. Use tick and flea powder, collars, sprays and dips. You may also use products include oral and systemic spot insecticides. You can also buy Vetscan Flex4 rapid test kits to diagnose a tick or flea borne diseases in 8 minutes.

We recommend enhancing positive behavior and spending more time with your dog to ensure that your dog is not doing anything dangerous to attract your attention.