America reports more than 6 million car accidents every year. Whether it may be a minor run-in or a severe injury causing an accident, it affects the victim significantly. In these times, you may get overwhelmed and may not know what procedure to follow ahead to safeguard your rights and don’t disrupt the law.

In such cases, it’s better to consult a Jefferson City, MO, car accident attorney even before giving out your statement to the insurance company. 

Here are some of the things you should follow after getting into a car accident:

  • Avoid panic and stay calm- turn the vehicle off and try to remain calm, and keep your composure by avoiding unnecessary panic. Being angry or worked up may worsen your situation.
  • Look for injuries-make sure you and your passenger are safe and uninjured. If injured, immediately contact the police or nearby hospital or medical services. 
  • Pullover your car to safety- you should try to move to the side of the road if an accident happens on the highway or during traffic. This may prevent you from getting into further danger. 
  • Contact police- your first and foremost protocol should be to call the police and inform them about the accident. The police try to reach your place or place an online report if the accident is minor. 
  • Collect information- try to get details of car license plate number, the name, address, phone number, license number of the people involved in the accident. It would help if you also tried to exchange numbers with people involved without getting aggressive.
  • Collect evidence- record the surrounding area and the damage to the car, even if it is a small dent. Take many pictures using your smartphone or any other recording device. Write down the street name where the accident took place. You should try to record everything, including the date and time of the accident as well. One should also try to audio record the details happening around them as the accident scene is still fresh in your mind. 
  • Checkup with a doctor or medical hospital around- sometimes the injury may not be visible on the outside but may show up after a few days. The injury may be internal so try to seek medical attention after the police have arrived. 
  • Get in contact with your attorney- the right attorney will guide you step by step to help you with your concerns and protect your rights. You should always hire an experienced lawyer who knows this field. Law firms such as Call & Gentry will find a proper way to get you the rightfully deserved financial compensation. Always make sure to contact a lawyer before giving a statement to your insurance company.