If you are someone, who has to work at the same desk for hours at a stretch, a standing desk can be savior. For the uninitiated, a standing desk basically allows you switch between sitting and standing positions without much effort. You can sit for an hour, and then do the same work while standing, just by adjusting the desk. These are also called sit-stand desks. There are a bunch of options in this category. For instance, you could go for a PrimeCables electric standing desk. Before you choose one, here’s an overview of aspects that matter. 

Pick an electric one

In general, standing desks are either manual, hydraulic, or electric. There is also a fourth category, where you mount the additional desk over your existing table, and that’s not a standing desk per se. Manual standing desks are cumbersome, and you may end up losing a lot of your valuable time at work, as you do the adjustments. An electric standing desk offers a bunch of features. For example, the desk may have automated reminders to alert you on your position, while some of the advanced ones even have touch panels. There is no denying that electric desks are better, although more expensive. 

Shop online

If you really want to get the best deals and offers on standing desks, online stores are your best bet. Most of them don’t have as many retail overheads, and you can expect to find a wide range of choices, at insane discounts. Also, when you shop online, you really get to see all the options. 

Find what’s included

In case of many electric standing desks, the tabletop is not included, and you may have to get the product assembled. These are aspects to consider, as it adds to the final cost of the desk. Make sure that you also check the overall weight capacity of the desk, which largely determines the things you can place on the table. Some standing desks are more durable than others, so material used, and other pointers, such as warranty on the product, are aspects to discuss. 

Buy one today

Don’t delay in owning a standing desk¸ because it is not just about your health, but also about being more productive at the workplace. Do your homework, check as many options in electric variants as possible. In general, you can expect to pay $250 or more for a good electric standing desk, depending on whether the tabletop is included.