If you have suffered injuries in a car accident and believe that the other party’s negligence is the primary reason, you may file for a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, the number of auto accidents & collisions in Indiana is alarmingly high, and without the right car accident attorney Fort Wayne, you may have a hard time dealing with the consequences. In this post, we are discussing further on why accident victims need to get a personal injury attorney in time.

  1. Because you don’t know the law. Most people don’t know about personal injury law, as they have never been in such circumstances. Having an attorney is an assurance that your rights and interests are being protected.
  2. Because you are unsure of your claim’s worth. How much should you claim for your injuries? Beyond the medical bills, you may be out of work, or may need more time in recovery. If your injuries are likely to impact your future, that should be a part of your claim too. An experienced attorney can help you figure out how much your claim is worth.
  3. Because the other party has filed a lawsuit. This is quite common for parties to blame one another for an auto accident, and if there is a case against you, it is important to seek legal expertise as early as possible.
  4. Because you were seriously injured. Car accidents, sadly, can lead to injuries that can impact a victim’s life forever, and it is important to ensure that the compensation covers all the expenses and suffering.
  5. Because insurance companies don’t want to pay. That’s the hard truth. Insurers often try to offer a small amount, or can choose to deny or delay your claim. You need an attorney, because they can handle the negotiation.

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