Sports events are not only great entertainment but offer excellent opportunities to marketers. Just imagine the magnitude of people tuned in to the event and the commercials.

There are the spectators physically present there, and the millions of viewers tuned in worldwide. With so many pairs of eyes around, you as a marketer should use the following global sports marketing techniques to promote your brand.

1. Start Getting Social:

The advent of the internet and social media has made it so much easier for sports fans worldwide to connect and athletes. You can make use of this exposure by getting involved with your fans and athletes as much as possible.

You and your social media team should watch the game in real-time and pay attention to grab opportunities to squeeze in a captivating meme or tweet where appropriate.

2. Go Mobile:

With everyone on their Smartphone practically through the day, you must go mobile too. It is the best and most effective way to market your brand, and reach out to potential customers.

So this means your site should also be designed to be mobile-friendly. In addition to this, you need to use targeted advertising through mobile apps before and during the game.

3. Have a Theme:

The best option you have to connect with the target audience is by relating to them. You have to look for some way to connect your product or services to a sports-related theme. Remember, sports is all about emotions.

There’s the thrill of winning and a victory and the agony of a defeat. Then there are the efforts put into winning the game, and of course, the after-match celebrations.

With so much happening at a sports event, you need to zero down on one of these feelings and use it for your marketing. 

4. Positive Contributions to your Community:

While doing your research, look for ways to uplift and unite people using your creativity and brand. You could perhaps showcase your social responsibility through an ad to prove how valuable you are as a member of the community.

This will help create a feeling of oneness with your customers and help promote your brand in the process. 

5. Focus on Market and Culture:

As it’s a global event, you need to decide if you want to focus on one or multiple markets. Being an international event, people across different languages and cultures will be watching it.

It’s better if you don’t attempt to spread yourself thin. You should instead do your research and master one market. You need to do research to find out how you can connect with a specific culture. You can then decide what materials need to be translated or localized to reach that target audience.

In short, global sports marketing involve lots of research, going mobile, and doing your bit for the community. You also have to find something that helps you create a theme that resonates with their emotions.

Once you identify the ideal theme, you can create your brand marketing strategy based on it and make maximum use of the global sports event exposure.