Your finance firm’s success depends on its marketing efforts. Without it, customers won’t be aware of the existence of your product or service. Taking advantage of social media’s vast reach can make a huge difference to your company’s marketing and outreach efforts. In fact, social media marketing is even becoming crucial for financial planners. While you can still use traditional marketing methods (mailers or ad spots, for example), you definitely need to have a strong online presence.

Make social media a part of your finance firm’s marketing plan

Social media marketing is different from other types of marketing. Social media platforms enable you to interact with potential clients and existing clients in real-time. It allows you to have a conversation, which not only shows your authority but also shows your personality. This helps you to connect with your audience.

You can also gain insight from others about your business through social media. You can get more relevant and immediate feedback. This strategy can be useful in marketing because it allows you to respond quickly to clients’ issues and offer them solutions.

Social media marketing for financial services can boost business in many ways. It increases brand awareness, improves SEO, boosts conversion rates, generates more traffic, builds trust, and more.

Many businesses don’t know which social media platforms to use, or how to create a strategy when marketing on these platforms for the first time. To effectively use social media to reach new customers, think about your customers and what they want.

It can be useful to know which platform customers prefer. These are the three most important platforms your business should be focusing on.

Facebook is the most popular platform and the brand that is most active on it currently. This makes it an excellent place to begin when targeting financial services via social media marketing. Check out this finance firm’s Facebook page for ideas.


LinkedIn is the best choice if you want to attract clients and businesses. There business-to-business relationships thrive. While you can still communicate relevant information to potential clients and build relationships with them, it is possible to establish yourself as an authority.

Instagram is a huge market for brands. However, the brands that have the greatest success with it are product-driven. Surprisingly, financial services performed remarkably well and required fewer posts to achieve similar engagement levels on other platforms.

These aren’t the only options. You should also look into Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and other similar platforms.

Your financial services company’s marketing strategy can be influenced by knowing which demographics you are most likely to reach. For example, users over 50 are more likely to use Facebook while Instagram’s user base is younger.

Content is king — but only the right type of content

It’s impossible to post on social media and expect it to work every time. Strategy is an important part of winning in the social media game. What you post is just as important as any other thing.

Facebook users are most likely to share live video, followed by images, cover photos, and links. Status updates and similar types of posts, are also very popular. LinkedIn is close to the same, though video is more popular than images. Instagram users place more importance on images.

Video is popular across all platforms. However, it does matter how long the video is. Videos that are shorter tend to be more popular.

It is crucial to be clear about what you post. It should be useful, relevant, and informative. Keep up-to-date with current events and post pertinent, culturally aware information.

You can also share links to articles that you have found from trusted sources or on your blog. It is important to use hashtags in order to make it easy for users to find relevant information about your brand. 

When you post matters

You will need to experiment with different timings for posts on social media channels. Twitter for instance, has a higher level of effectiveness the more posts you make, while Facebook is best when you only post once per day.

Connect to your target audience

Customers want to feel that you are paying attention to them. Connecting with users about important issues can help you foster a positive relationship. Engage users by using interactive posts such as a quiz, poll, or survey. You can also ask for reviews, but be careful about this as rules do apply. Also make sure you respond promptly and appropriately to any questions or complaints.  

Avoid bragging or promoting 

It is easy to become a little too promotional with all the posts. There are two ways to market your business. Keep promotional content to a third of total posts. While you can highlight the areas where you are different from your competition, don’t be too negative.

Be patient and realistic with your expectations. Although social media marketing will not result in immediate growth, it will bring you long-term results. Positive outcomes will be achieved if you put your efforts into building brand awareness and client relations.