Haven’t we all heard the common phrase couch potato? We all have that side of us, at some point of our day, especially on weekends. We spend a major part of our days and nights on our comfortable and beloved couch. From making memories, inviting loved ones, indulging in meaningful conversations to binge-watching movies, our couches have seen it all. Not only is a sofa set the focal point of our living room and the cosiest space in our house. Be it fabric, leather or futons, sofa sets come in all styles and sizes. On a side note, if you are searching for modern and stylish sofa sets, Wakefit offers complete home solutions.

Consequently, what happens when we cherish the days on our couch but don’t end up taking care of it? It can result in a lack of cleanliness, dust allergies, tough stains debris hidden under. And that is not a pleasant feeling when it all adds up to a lifeless couch. Let’s look at how we can maintain the beauty of our sofa sets by cleaning them regularly.

  1. Vacuum your Sofa Regularly 

It can indeed become a debilitating task to maintain your sofa set if it is not cleaned regularly. Perhaps the pets and kids have lounged on the couch. Maybe food crumbs are all over, and stains are piling up. With all the mess accumulating, your sofa set is bound to lose its zest and shine over time. Hence it is imperative to clean it regularly. If it is safe to use the vacuum, make sure to clear up all the dust and debris from your loved couch. Go through the instructions and guidelines of the sofa set to ensure it is safe to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Lift the sofaset fabric for hidden belongings such as bobby pins, clips, coins or glasses.

  1. Use Protective Covers

If you believe in shielding your precious sofa sets, protective covers are the way to go. In addition, they allow preserving the colour and charm. There are many fantastic sofasets online, be it loveseats, futons, pull-out sofas or L-shaped sofas. Get your sofa set a matching cover to protect it for a long time. Wash those covers regularly. In addition, you can add some pillows and throws on your sofa to further style it while shielding it.

  1. Wash your Sofa Accessories 

If you have protected your sofa sets with accessories to ensure you preserve them for aeons, you must remember to clean them too. Whether it is a sofa throw, pillow cover or sofa cover, ensure you regularly wash them to maintain cleanliness and freshness. A sofa cover wash, followed by crisp ironing, could enhance the look of the room.

  1. Opt for Upholstery Material 

If over time, you find your sofa set worn out, perhaps you can invest in a new set. However, if you are on a low budget, you can still get a new look by refurbishing it. Getting your sofa redecorated with an upholstery material is an easy way to add a luxurious feel to your living room. If you are on a low budget and required to redo your living room, you can always acquire a few colourful pillows to revamp it. Additionally, you can go for an Indian upholstery fabric which creates a warm and cosy environment.

  1. Get Rid of Debris or Pet Hair

We all love our pets and simply cannot resist cuddling with them. It truly is out of our control to not allow them on the couch. In such a case, it can be tricky as our beloved pets shed a lot. Especially if your pets roam around the couch or tend to sit on the couch, invest in a lint roller and clean regularly. This will keep the sofa set looking fresh. At the same time, this will keep allergies at bay.


There we have it – a short and concise sofa cleaning guide for all your needs. Our beloved sofa sets deserve all the love and care. Remember to dust your sofa sets regularly. Moreover, if there are any stains on the couch, ensure to get rid of them instantly rather than prolonging them. Let it dry naturally by air afterwards. At times we can catch ourselves disinterested in our current sofa sets. Perhaps you are being drawn towards refurbishing your living room by purchasing a new sofa set. The sofa set is the main attraction in a living room or maybe your aesthetic and style have changed; with time, it indeed is bound to happen. With a vast variety of options available in the market, it can get tricky. Finalise a budget, choose your fabric, and pick the correct size. With all these tips and tricks, you will surely be able to bring back life to your couch.